Jenkins plugins used at Nuxeo

Our DevOps Julien Carsique recently created a new page on our wiki. It's a list of the Jenkins plugins we use on our Jenkins instance at Nuxeo, and there are a lot of them. Core plugins (and those that used to be part of the core) are not listed (i.e. Ant, Javadoc, SVN). Let us know what you think about this list, especially if you think we're missing an amazing plugin! We're always looking to improve our CI and quality assurance process.

Julien also recently did a webinar on build and systems management. He gave an overview of our build and systems management at Nuxeo, explained which CI and QA tools you can access for your own Nuxeo project and showed how you can borrow ideas from Nuxeo to manage your applications.

You can take a look at his slides on Slideshare or watch the webinar replay right here: