Julien's video and slides are online on

Yesterday I was at the Paris Jenkins User Conference 2012 with Julien Carsique. Julien was talking about how we use Jenkins at Nuxeo. For those of you who don't know Jenkins, it's a wonderful piece of software used to run and automate continuous integration jobs. We previously wrote a blog about this.

So about Julien's presentation, you can check out the slides on or right here:

He explained how Nuxeo has been using Jenkins for continuous integration for the past five years. We started small and added more and more jobs. At first it was for default platform tests only, and it evolved to include tests on different OS, JDK or Databases, automatic release process, code coverage tools etc.. Then he went on the different issues we had because of the ever increasing number of jobs and how we tried to solve them using for instance Jenkviz. It's a tool that crawls a jenkins build and reports stats and graphs about the build flow. It was pretty cool to get attention the attention of the creator of the Jenkins CI server on this subject , thanks Kohsuke!

@kohsukekawa: I'm quite impressed at the degree of sophistication that Nuxeo setup is at. We need a super #JenkinsCI admin award for him!

Looks like attendees were interested in what we had to say. Some also looked scared seeing our Jenkins dashboard :-) . It's true that it can look impressive but keep in mind that we started using Jenkins five years ago.

Jenkins - Nuxeo Continuous Integration

We also attended to some pretty cool talks, starting with a nice keynote from Kohsuke. Then we listened to Nicolas De Loof and Mathieu Ancelin who presented their Build-Flow Plugin. It was really interesting. They showed us how to manage jobs pipeline using a groovy DSL. The syntax is simple and straightforward. It looks easy and efficient. Only drawback when using this system is that it replaces the existing triggers. So we won't be able to use it with our current build setup.

Another talk got my attention. Xavier Seignard from Pod Programming and Mickael Istria from JBoss presented Tycho, Jenkins & Sonar: The Eclipse Build Dream Team. It was nice to learn more about Tycho and to see that Eclipse (RCP/OSGI) apps works well with Jenkins and Sonar. And this was another good point about their presentation: they motivated us to test Sonar with JaCoCo, a Java Code Coverage Library. It looked so simple to setup and use, we definitely must try it at Nuxeo! Then I had a small chat with them, it was nice meeting you guys :)

Overall we had a great time, it was cool to see that much people into Jenkins. Hope there will be even more attendees next year. Congrats to Cloudbees for the organization! Next conference is Devoxx France tomorrow and Friday, maybe we'll see you there !