The newest version of Nuxeo Document Management and Nuxeo Enterprise Platform was released today – demonstrating again what makes the open source paradigm fresh and innovative: a vibrant, engaged community. Direct feedback through our forums gives us powerful information about what's working, what could be improved, and how our customers use our software. We channel that back into the products, another step in a cycle of continuous improvement.
This latest release of Nuxeo DM, and its underlying platform, Nuxeo EP, features contributions from customers Gagnavarslan and Leroy Merlin, a smoother UI experience driven by community feedback, and a glimpse of new things to come for the Nuxeo Platform and product line.

Links, Resources & More

Following are a few links for more information on this new version:

  • Recap of new version on

  • Technical details - blog post on Release Candidate 1 of Nuxeo DM / EP 5.4.2

  • Blog post on Release Candidate 2 from Stefane Fermigier

  • Release notes - as captured by our issue tracker, Jira

  • Download

Shout Out to Contributors

The Nuxeo community helps us make great software by giving feedback, and by contributing back their code. For version 5.4.2, we'd especially like to thank the following contributors:

  • Jónas Sigurðsson, Gagnavarslan, and his team, for the WSS connector based on WebDAV

  • Damien Metzler, Leroy Merlin, and his team, for the GWT OpenSocial container

  • Nina Bagouli, Knowledge Broadband Services SA, for Greek translations

  • Hiromi Kimura, University of Tsukuba, for Japanese translations

  • Jackie Ju, Intalio, for fixing a drag'n'drop issue in an iFrame.

Get In on the Action

As always, your feedback is welcome, as Nuxeo technology is a project that is 100% open source. Check out our Jira issue tracker for up-to-date information about the current set of open tasks. Join the nuxeo-dev forum and mailing list to voice your thoughts on open source content management and the Nuxeo platform. And watch this space for our thoughts on where we want to take the Nuxeo platform next.


-- @JaneZupan