“Ignorance is bliss” - I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and it’s one way to see things. But, what if, instead, we used a different adage: “Knowledge is power!”? Often, within RFP’s and client discussions, we are asked, “How can we control the content that is being used?”. Within the Nuxeo Platform, there are many tools we can use to make sure your Legal Department sleeps at night. Many of the options we use take advantage of the business logic that can be created within the Nuxeo system, based on the content model that is designed. Using a combination of metadata values (expiration dates, lifecycle states, etc) and automation (event handlers, automation chains and automation scripting), we can give your users the information they need to do the job right, and give it to them in a way that is both literal and visual. So, instead of users saying “Well, I didn’t know that I couldn’t use this asset”, we can empower them with the knowledge of which asset or content is available to them.

Here are a couple of ways we have put the logic into action:

Summary with PreviewImagine being able to change the status of a document based on an expiration date. Now, imagine applying a watermark to an image to let users know the content is “Obsolete”. That’s what we’ve done in the first example here.

Now let’s think about content included within your assets: copyrighted or trademarked content that users might try to sneak in. Often times, it’s not the overall concept that is an issue, but, rather, the use of content that might be inappropriate or that you don’t have permission to use. What if you could automatically scan content for this sort of information? Well, within the Nuxeo Platform, you can.

This example uses a combination of a vocabulary, the Nuxeo Vision plugin and some automation scripting to loop through some logic to identify “offending” assets before they get you sued. And, again, we use a watermark to give a visual reference to the users.

Finally, imagine you are a global company doing work within many smaller regions. That’s exactly what TBWA confronts daily with their clients. Working with Nuxeo, they developed a system to effectively manage information regarding their client’s talent and content usage throughout the world and on local levels. Once again, they are able to give the user a visual for when content is ok to use. You can read about their use case here.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take knowledge over ignorance any day!