Another day, another chapter

Today, I've updated the book site with chapter 3 (really the second
meat-n-potatoes chapter). This chapter explains a bit about how to run the
Nuxeo server, how the Nuxeo server is related to JBoss and proposes some
excercise for you to do to explore how to use Nuxeo. These exercises are
probably "old hat" to folks with a lot of ECM experience, but if you are
new to the genre you are likely to find them quite enlightening about how
an organization can use the basic Nuxeo (and ECM) tech.

Great Feedback

After the website debuted yesterday the chairman of
Nuxeo, Stefane Fermigier, suggested that I check out this new tool called
Intense Debate. I have to say
it was a good call! IntenseDebate is a tool for allowing you to get
feedback about content on your website or blog. It's a bit better
integrated if you put it on a blog, but some hackery allowed me to get
into our tech-writing loop, so we can have pages that take your feedback,
let you vote on other people's comments, etc Woot!

I hope you enjoy this installment and we'll be back tomorrow. You can,
if you prefer, send me feedback the 20th century way by sending email to
me : ismith [at] nuxeo [point] com.