I've been asked by some of the good folks here at Nuxeo to
coordinate work on a new book about programming Nuxeo EP 5. Unlike the Nuxeo book, which is intended to be a reference to all
the details of the platform, this book is intended to be more of a gentle
introduction. This book will help readers gradually master the concepts in
Nuxeo 5 (we hope the book will be ready by the time of Nuxeo EP 5.2 GA) and
be able to develop software for the platform.

The first few chapters
are gelling, and we've been looking for feedback. So, we've decided to
gradually open up the book for comments from the Nuxeo community, or, I
suppose, from any other community that can provide useful help!

plan is to reveal a new chapter each workday or so, on the book draft's website, and
perhaps try to highlight some of the good feedback I have gotten from the
community about previous chapters.

Feeback Of The

In response to seeing an early draft of the book a couple of
people asked "who is the book for and what's it about?" So, I added the
prefatory material to try to give folks more of a "roadmap" to the book to
help people see where it is going.

Please send your comments to
ismith [at] nuxeo [point] com and I promise to try to incorporate