LinuxCon was held in Boston last week. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, the event attracted open source luminaries and advocates from around the globe.  Nuxeo was pleased to be able to speak on the topic of "ECM Meets Open Source" during the Birds of a Feather track on Wednesday.  One of the highlights for me last week was a keynote delivered by Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Hammond. The slides for his presentation on "Open Source Software Adoption Patterns in Enterprise IT", can be found on the conference site here in PDF.Key points that I took away from Hammond's session?

  • Integration and innovation were top of mind for software decision makers in 2009, and for 2010 improvements to business process execution speed and supporting company growth were listed. Businesses are looking to IT to compete and grow. This point correlates nicely with the May 2010 AIIM Market Intelligence report on ECM - businesses looking to use content management technology for "improving efficiency and optimizing business processes..." Businesses that want to thrive and compete in their own markets are looking at technology to help them differentiate.

  • There is still massive room for expansion of open source ECM.  Slide 11 of Hammond's presentation lists a wide range of infrastructure tools, and compares management vs. developer acceptance/adoption for each category.  Without a doubt, infrastructure tools (operating systems, database, application servers, programming languages) have high degrees of use and sanction. But tools that are inherently end-user facing, i.e. used by typical information workers, still have relatively low open source usage. ECM, WCM, business intelligence, CRM, portals: typically less than 10% usage inside enterprise. This does not surprise me. It has only been in recent years that open source alternatives have emerged as realistic for business applications. There's a level of maturity that has only recently emerged regarding user experience, attention to design, ease-of-use for non-technical roles, focus on documentation and training. But with this new maturity comes real opportunity for adoption growth.

  • North America is catching up to Europe with respect to open source adoption. France and Germany are ahead of the pack - both at approximately 18% adoption for open source content management, followed by US and UK at approx 11% (Slide 13)

  • Hammond's analysis includes several observations (Slide 24) that coincide with what the Nuxeo team has seen in its market.  First - that while economic uncertainty and cost savings have driven the rise of open source adoption in recent years, now the goal is shifting to "speed and innovation".  Second - "the enterprise software market and the OSS market are set for an inevitable collision, and then a convergence".  We at Nuxeo see this starting in ECM.  Third - "to win you must drive adoption and affirmation through developers, and purchases through management". Bingo. This is the path to nearly all of the key Nuxeo customer wins. When the information and enterprise architects are at the decision-making table and understand the power and extensibility of our ECM platform to build content applications, it is easy to justify the time and support contract investments when working prototypes and apps can be rolled out in days or weeks.

  • Hammond's keynote concluded with some very practical guidance with the 10 Best Practices used by successful Enterprise Open Source Software Adopters.  A must read list for companies wanting to expand their adoption of open source and be confident of their decision. Key points on stewardship, policies, acquisition processes, contribution policies - a good checklist to help build an enterprise grade open source adoption program. (Slide 32)

The slide deck from the Nuxeo session "ECM Meets Open Source" is available here on Slideshare - as always comments and feedback appreciated!Enterprise content management meets open source[slideshare doc=enterprisecontentmanagementmeetsopensource-linuxconaugust2010-100809092649-phpapp01]

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