Lu sur la
liste ERP5
, la version 1.0rc2 du liveCD est

Nexedi ne propose l'image ISO que par BitTorrent, j'en ai
rendu une copie accessible par FTP
et HTTP.

Le liveCD ERP5 permet de tester ERP5 sans se prendre la tête
avec toutes les dépendances.

We are happy to announce the release of the second release
candicate of the ERP5 Live CD. Please assume that this is a
test version. You should expect that the Live CD is still
unstable and can lead to massive data loss, although we have
made a lot of effort to make it robust.

This version is available only by BitTorrent:

Once you set up BitTorrent, you can download the image file
from this URL:

After you get the file, you can burn the image into a CD-R
or CD-RW.

If you have already tried the previous version, you will
have to remove the folder "erp5cd" and remake it. Otherwise,
the Zope Products won't be freshed correctly.

Note that this Live CD requires some free space on your hard
disk in order to store data in a permanent location.

Please read carefully the file "readme.txt" in the CD,
before booting. Here is a list of known bugs in this

  • A few titles are still not appropriate

  • Japanese translation is incomplete

  • InventoryBrain is broken

  • Upgrading Business Templates is buggy

We are going to solve these problems in the next release. If
you find any other problem, please send bugs to the mailing