We are currently working the next release of Nuxeo Document Management, version 5.4.2, and we are integrating an enhanced feature for local configuration. If you are curious, keep reading below to find out about this new development, that is currently in testing & QA phases. If you want to find out about other new features in the upcoming version 5.4.2, follow this blog.

This new enhancement to Nuxeo DM 5.4.2 is called LocalConfigurationService. Its purpose is to have potentially different configurations based on where you are in the document hierarchy. The service is based on facets that we dynamically add to a document when the corresponding local configuration is enabled. These facets include a schema with fields to store the configuration values. For now, the available local configurations are based on the types of documents which are allowed in the subtree and local theme, but we will add more very soon.

Image 1

By default, the tab where you can enable and edit local configurations is displayed on documents with facet SuperSpace, like Workspaces. But of course, as with all Nuxeo products, it is configurable. For example, you could - as we will for one of our customers - override the filter has_local_configuration_available to display it for documents of type Domain.