The Nuxeo product and engineering teams have been working hard on the next Fast Track release (FT 10.3) and on our next annual LTS release, and I’d like to take this opportunity to update the Nuxeo community on the timeline for these two upcoming product release milestones.

Fast Track 10.3 Coming in Early December

Nuxeo 10.3 will be released on December 6th, 2018. After FT 10.3, there will be no new feature development between this last fast track and the upcoming LTS release.

LTS 2019 (We’re skipping the “2018”)

First and foremost, we want to let all of you know that our next annual product release will be called “LTS 2019.” We understand that many in the Nuxeo community were expecting this release to be called “LTS 2018,” but considering we’re releasing this in 2019, we felt this product name update was a good idea.

LTS 2019 will be released within the Nuxeo community in early January, and the current target date for our public announcement is January 24th, 2019. This fits our natural engineering cycle so well that we’ve decided we’ll stick to this calendar cycle in the coming years for future LTS releases. As a result, it made perfect sense to skip the 2018 naming and go with LTS 2019!

As a reminder, you can monitor all of the additions included in the upcoming LTS 2019 and in the fast tracks on the incremental release notes page, which currently includes details about FT 10.1 and FT 10.2.

In FT 10.3, we’re making enhancement and improvements in the following areas:

  • Leveraging the new bulk action framework for deletion, automation, and CSV export.
  • Leveraging new AI infrastructure that allows seamless mixing of Cloud AI APIs providers and custom models trained with custom data (especially for the use case of metadata value suggestion).
  • Including additional features that were missing in the Web UI port, such as the ability to have discussions about the documents and the CSV export.

And last (but not least), some of our customers have already asked if it’s going to be easy to migrate to the new LTS. The answer is yes! Especially since there was no major change on the UI side - we stayed in Polymer 2, so migration should be quick and easy!

We’ll continue to communicate more about the new FT 10.3 features once the release is completed In the meantime, please reach out to your Nuxeo contact if you have any questions (or you can contact us from here too).