Lucky guy

I have finally made it: having a gmail-like interface for
the futur CPS webmail.

The challenge was to be able to:

  • Save the editor message without reloading the page
  • Be able to make changes on the page without reloading it
    with informations given by the server
  • Have autocompletion/changes features with no

Like gmail does, I have used XmlHttpRequest.

How does it work

XMLHttpRequest is a feature present in all navigators, it
enables you to make GET and POST on the server from the

For example, you can send a POST request and parse the
returned result.

That's what has been done for the webmail, to save for
example, the message body when the user wants to attach a

Making a CPS library out of it

There are many uses cases where XmlHttpRequest can radically
change your UI behaving, making it way better.

Examples :

  • on the fly grammar corrections in the webmail

  • form validations without page reloading ! (the famous div

  • and many more things

CPSMailAccess will release a javascript library on the top of
xmlhttprequest to provide a simple way to use this feature
within Zope.

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)