BugDay Stats

The March 2013 Bug Day is over. On Bug Day, we set aside a full day where we all work together to clean up and fix as many bugs as possible. We have squashed 54 of them with some help from the community. Again, kudos to Nelson Silva who helped us with some pull requests. Here's a little chart so you can get an idea of the work done. You can also get the full details on our Jira.

A lot of those bugs have been back-ported to the 5.6 branch so you can expect a very efficient hot fix pretty soon. This will really benefit the upcoming 5.7 release. Here's the list of corrected bugs. Not bad for a day's work.

KeySummaryFix Version/s
NXP-11166Field "Send me a copy" in the invite by mail form is ignored
NXP-9945In the Admin Center, some fields do not show the full letters in IE95.7
NXIDE-258Nuxeo IDE launches the nuxeoctl gui under Windows
NXP-6901Document type configuration: sort enabled types alphabetically in French5.7
NXP-9998Metadata are not displayed on Summary tab5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-6855Domains in Trash should not appear on dashboard switch5.7
NXP-11251Bad quota computation on StreamingBlob5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-8253Image Annotation :fix hide/show annotations behavior5.7
NXP-10000Description and title fields are small5.7
NXP-9175Using the '&' character in the db password makes it impossible to start Nuxeo5.7
NXP-10436Workflow blob node variable default value breaks Nuxeo
NXP-8988Creation-related event handlers don't work for types created by a content template5.7
NXP-11249Deadlock + infinite loop in request filter at high load5.5.0-HF18, 5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-10584Prevent a poweruser from editing an administrators group or adding a user to an administrators group5.7
NXP-10217Print action should be translated in French5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-11228NXP-10905 Remove empty tab in home5.7
NXP-7374Filter anonymous user dashboard5.7
NXP-10834Error when I D&D one particular image in a workspace or a picture book5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-11240Can't start any workflow instance5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-9716Dashboard - like gadgets5.7
NXP-11092Thumbnail generation should not auto-checkout documents5.7
NXP-11242WebDAV should return 404 instead of 409 for unknown root files5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-8974Dashboard open social: add a fallback on Chromeframe (for IE7 compatibility)5.7
NXP-10837Blog posts, Web pages and contextual links are missing French labels5.7
NXP-11050Fix translation on Admin Center > Local packages5.7
NXP-10260Nuxeo.conf parameter should be properly encoded5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-11150Default Content Routing application template cannot be redeployed5.7
NXP-8548Suggestbox: the directory fields for user and group search should not be hard-coded5.7
NXP-10229Workflow cannot be started when several route model available for a given ID5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-10996Declaration of lists in XSD should return same Java implementation
SUPINT-375My support duty filter is missing QAEmergency issues
NXP-9549Provide compatibility for Gadget Spec resources fetching5.7
NXP-10847Social Collaboration labels5.7
NXP-11152Activating Java Mail debug breaks generation of Catalina's nuxeo.xml5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-5253Bad display of preview for "layered" pdf5.7
NXP-10231Summary > Fix alignment of the right side icons5.7
NXP-9718Fix audio flash player on Audio document5.7
NXP-11049Fix empty contributors displayed on the edit page5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-11091NXP-11168 Display feedback message when adding a document to the work list5.7
NXP-10010Comment field should not be prefilled in with the previous participant's comment5.7
NXP-9407Remove default descriptions for roots folders5.7
NXP-11028ModelImporter in nuxeo-template-rendering-core throws NullPointerException if samples are not deployed5.7
NXP-10922Nuxeo Drive crash when deleting a local root folderADDONS_5.6
NXP-11090NXP-11168 Display feedback message when liking / unliking documents5.7
NXP-9019Fix malformed url when OAuth callback URL already holds query parameters5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-11229User registration requests tab is displayed on all documents5.7
NXP-11244Fix template rendering functional tests5.7
NXP-9626AbstractAttributeBasedGroupComputer#getAllGroupIds() uses a hardcoded property name for group computation5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-11243Fix CSV export of documents description5.7
NXP-10496Use HTML5 dir="auto" in text displaying widget to automatically support RTL languages5.7
NXP-6777Fix crash of automation client call when a document desn't have a path5.7
NXP-11241Fix CSV export of the 'icon + type' widget on result layouts5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-10842inconsistent date formats in advanced search form5.6.0-HF10, 5.6.0-HF13, 5.7
NXP-7023Error during server shutdown because NPE of nuxeo-runtime-management desaactivation5.4.2-HF17, 5.7