Earlier this month the Nuxeo marketing team ran 2 webinars to our English speaking customers and prospects. "Introducing Nuxeo Studio" and "Debuting Nuxeo DAM".

The slides and recordings can be found here on our Nuxeo.TV channel - in case you didn't have the opportunity to register or attend. 

Our French language Nuxeo DAM webinar will be held on March 25, 2010 - so if you parlez-vous please sign up and listen in. 

After the conclusion of the French language Nuxeo DAM webinar, we'll be publishing the results of 2 online polls we are conducting as part of the webinar series. The preliminary results from the English webinar are rather intriguing... and I'm really curious to see if the participants in the second webinar follow the same response pattern or are different. 

The Poll Questions are: 

1. What are the Main Benefits You Think Can Be Derived by Using Open Source Digital Asset Management? 

Meets my company's commitment to open source. 
The community has a voice in the product roadmap. 
Low up-front costs 
Ability to customize and tailor the platform to your needs. 
Get a project started more quickly. 

2. What is your Biggest ECM Challenge Today? 

Inability to address specific business use cases 
Building a business case or determining ROI 
First generation ECM software not meeting today's plans 
* Managing digital content

Watch this space late next week for the finally tally...