ImdeaNuxeo and Imdea, a professional IT services company, recently signed a partnership agreement that sees Imdea provide systems integration and consulting services to Nuxeo clients in Spain.

We took a few minutes to chat with Eduard van der Boor, General Manager for Imdea about the new partnership.

1. Can you tell us a little about Imdea ( and how you started out?

I worked with Xerox Professional Services in Madrid. In 2001 a small group left Xerox and Imdea was set up as a joint venture between 5 colleagues and Imtech, a Dutch services multinational. In 2007, I led a MBO (management buyout) together with 2 partners.

Imdea is focused on software and services in Content Management (Documentum, Nuxeo, Readsoft) and Customer Communications (Pitney Bowes Software). My charter is to manage the company and grow Imdea as a B2B service partner. Presently, Imdea has 25 employees and over 60 customer references in major Spanish and international companies.

2 . When did you first find Nuxeo and why did you decide you wanted to work with them?

We found Nuxeo in 2012 and decided to attend Nuxeo World to have a closer look. It was then that we decided we wanted to work with them, but due to the economic crisis at the time, there seemed to be few opportunities for new projects in Spain. This is changing gradually and since late 2013 we see more opportunities, some of them directly through our collaboration with Nuxeo.

Why Nuxeo? We looked at several alternatives and the best known is also the most DCTM (Documentum) look alike (Alfresco). What we were looking for was a platform that was really open source, didn’t have a large upfront investment, but was fully supported and could quickly scale as our customer’s needs grew.

3. What made you decide to become a Nuxeo Partner?

Our traditional customers are large international companies and public services. With the economic situation today in Spain, there is little money for investment in large platforms.

There does, however, seem to be operational budget and that is where Nuxeo comes in - the possibility to deploy quickly and to enter gradually into a Content Management environment. No big investment in licenses upfront, the possibility for expansion and the great software support from the vendor were all reasons we liked the Nuxeo Platform.

For Imdea as a small company, dealing with the Nuxeo team is a welcome change from the corporate bureaucratic environment of large software vendors. It’s great to be able to talk to the Nuxeo team, have impromptu meetings on Skype and get attention to attend to a prospects’ needs.

4. Can you provide a few examples of how you see the Nuxeo Platform being used for your clients?

We chose Nuxeo because we think our opportunities are with medium to large size companies who have a specific problem to solve. We see Nuxeo in an admin environment organizing invoices, documents in an engineering project, paperwork in a lawyer’s or tax management office. Every company has a document management challenge!

The technology of Nuxeo and the hardware available today make it possible to start and deploy on a smaller scale than 5 years ago. With licensed software you have investment considerations: Capex vs Opex. Capital expenditures need long authorization processes, but operational expenses can often be made on a department level. Nuxeo can be implemented on a project or departmental base and can grow afterwards. Normally the cost for starting with Nuxeo should enter in an operational budget.

5. What is your favorite part of the Nuxeo Platform?

I personally like the way you can start quickly and demonstrate basic functionality without programming. This gives potential customers confidence to start. Today is all about flexibility and change, so I am very happy with what you are doing and it feels like we are joining at a very good moment.

Nuxeo welcomes Imdea to its great group of partners!