This month, meet Vanessa Enrie, Nuxeo’s Financial and Admin Manager. She’s making sure everything runs smoothly in the company.

vanessa_DSC01831_blogYou’ve been working at Nuxeo for quite a while now. How long has it been?

I have been working here since 2006, so it has been seven years. I started as an executive assistant when I arrived. I found this job through a friend I had in common with someone at Nuxeo.

What path did you take to get here?

I had absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do. I actually started by doing small jobs, then I did a FONGECIF (paid leave given to follow a professional training) to get an executive assistant diploma and I ended up at Nuxeo.

And I know your job has changed a lot since the beginning.

Yes, now I am Financial and Admin Manager. Basically I take care of everything that is money: invoices, orders, every bit of money that goes in or out, and accounting too with Xavier and our external Financial Director’s help.

So yes, my work has changed a lot in seven years. Now I do something completely different. Laurence does now what I more or less use to do at the beginning. Anyway I took some evening classes that Nuxeo paid for so I could learn accounting, administration, etc… And my work changed little by little. Now I do everything before and after accounting.

So you’ve seen the company grow.

Yes, we grew a lot, people have changed obviously. Some have left, some have arrived. But what has changed the most is that we are much more organized than we use to be. It went from a small, family like company to a more organized, focused enterprise.

Now tell me, what do you do in your free time?

I take care of my baby, which takes a lot of time. Otherwise I don’t do anything specific. I like being home, taking it easy, spending time with friends.

I live in Ezanville in Val d’Oise, almost in the countryside. It’s still the suburbs, but the calm, laid out kind where you can raise your kids in a charming little house.

I know you like to travel, especially to Italy.

Actually Italy is [his] first choice. I mean I love Italy, too, so if it pleases everybody why not? But I traveled a lot in my wild youth :) Actually I dropped out of school and went pretty much everywhere in Europe as well as Australia, Japan, India, and New York (on September 11 2001, sure that was not the best date but it made some “special” memories).

Do you miss that? Don’t you want to travel more?

Yes I’d be happy to travel more, to a place I like. I don’t really care if it’s close or far, as long as I like it. Right now I am thinking about Iceland or maybe Canada. I want to see whales!

I know you are a vegetarian. It’s a trendy topic. Some people are vegetarians because they are concerned for animal abuse, some want to be eco-friendly… why did you choose to be a vegetarian? vanessa_DSC01858_V2_blogI started young, because I was concerned about animal abuse. It was not really for health benefits, or for economic reasons. I was in high school and I decided that I would not eat meat again. And I actually quit university because they wanted me to dissect a frog. I refused, so they gave me a zero, which is eliminatory. I did not want to participate in that. I am against dissecting something just for a grade. It’s useful when you get to be a doctor or a veterinarian, but not just to get a grade.

You have tattoos, is there a reason for that?

I have no idea :) I always wanted one, but could not find what I wanted. I drew my first one in a day of inspiration and I waited two years to make sure it was the one I wanted. And it was. Right now I am thinking about the third one.