Meet Vladimir Pasquier, one of Nuxeo’s Software Engineers, who joined Nuxeo a year and a half ago. Vlad’s one of our engineers who travels around the world, consulting and training different clients across a large span of industries.

Vladimir at NuxeoHow did you end up being one of the developers that often travels to consult and train clients around the globe, and how was your first experience consulting on behalf of Nuxeo?

Before Nuxeo, I was working in Paris and only in Paris. I had never done consulting outside of the city, and I spoke in French all the time. Nuxeo provided me with my first experience with traveling and consulting, and it’s been a very good experience. My first trip was to Bucharest, Romania and it was for Electronic Arts. I provided training for the client. That was my first trip on behalf of Nuxeo and it was very, very tough but very interesting.

You’ve spent awhile in San Francisco lately consulting Netflix in regards to their use of the Nuxeo Platform; what was your first impression of the city?

It was my first experience in California for consulting and it was definitely the best experience in my consulting trips on behalf of Nuxeo. It wasn’t in the city, but in the suburbs of Silicon Valley. My first impression: You see a lot of technology companies like Apple in the same area. When I went to San Francisco to help Laurent set up Nuxeo’s booth at Java One, it felt like being in the center of the IT world so I was very, very impressed. It was a professional environment and I met many intelligent people there. It was a little dream I got to experience. The weather was also very nice - better than in France. It was cool to feel the weather of California.

What did you help Netflix accomplish with the Nuxeo Platform?

I was working on the project since the beginning in August from Paris. The idea was to prepare them to take the project back into their hands. This is the idea behind Nuxeo: to be free and set them up to take the project on their own after. You can sum it up in three steps: training, consulting, and miscellaneous issues. The mission began with general training. In the middle of the mission, I then consulted the Netflix team, helping them do a demo for the end users. After that, I did a mix of training and consulting to address all of the questions they had for the next steps in their project. They wanted to know how to profile the Nuxeo Platform and how to scan it. Basically, I addressed questions regarding any problems they might see in the future with the application.

What did you like the most about working with Netflix?

The welcome I received from the Netflix team. They were very open-minded and very welcoming. They were tolerant of my English as well. Even though they were in the middle of the process and were a little stressed over the project, they were all comfortable with the product by the time they finished their training. They hit the ground running quickly and were very advanced. I also really enjoyed feeling the great change in the process of the product and seeing the work in reality.

What other companies have you consulted? Can you tell us about some of them?

I worked with Electronic Arts (EA) and they were very interesting to work with because their team was a big mix of different cultures. The team was led by a U.S. manager and was mostly made up of European employees. It was interesting to see how that global company worked; in Bucharest, Romania they had strict hours, but in Madrid, the hours are more flexible. They use Nuxeo Platform for tracking, providing information about when and where EA testers can access games prior to production. They use our platform for security, tracking and distribution of their games for testing. I also have consulted FICO in San Diego.

Which has been your favorite consulting job thus far and why? What resonated with you from working with that company?

All of my experiences have been very, very good. They were all in different industries which has been very interesting to me. The most interesting and what I found very cool was working with Netflix in San Francisco. It was a very important project for Nuxeo so it was a big responsibility when I was there. I also really enjoyed working with Electronic Arts; I was a gamer when I was young, and since it was a large gaming company, it was almost like getting a little souvenir for myself. I was very impressed by working with these famous companies. Nuxeo Platform, in fact, impressed them as well. It was awesome to see that companies that large and famous are impressed by the Nuxeo Platform, and it was a huge honor. It was an honor to hold the Nuxeo flag.

If you could choose any magical power to have, what would it be?

There’s so many I would like to have! I would like to be Hollow Man -- transparent -- to see what customers say behind me when I get coffee or something, so I become aware of how my training skills are. I’d like to know all the customers’ thoughts since they’re a little shy to actually say them sometimes.