Family first, then work. “I’ve seen people get burnt out quite easily and really put their all into their work, and then when they have family, they’re just not there to see them.” Dan Wingrove, EMEA Presales Director at Nuxeo has clear priorities when it comes to juggling work and life; for him, flexibility is the key to maintaining a balance. His first interview with Nuxeo, an informal phone call about a Senior Solution Consultant position, happened from his car while his daughters were at swim training. He started two weeks later, and a few months after that, he stepped into managing the EMEA Presales team when the position opened unexpectedly.

Dan has been in presales for nearly two decades, since his first child was born. Over his career, he’s sought out companies that support flexibility, and he says he’s grateful to have always had colleagues and managers who respected his priorities. As a manager, he tries to do the same: “I know that other people will be experiencing the same issues as me, so I like to give them free rein as long as I know they’re going to do the job and get things done.” Now more than ever he tries to ensure his colleagues are keeping a good balance and have everything they need to work from home, even if it’s just a listening ear. “I have family here at home with me; I’ve been really lucky. I have colleagues and friends that have been on their own this whole time, which must have been a big challenge.”

Zoom calls and remote work don’t bother him too much, but Dan is looking forward to interacting with colleagues in person again. He misses presales trips and grabbing a meal or drink after work. When the time comes though, he believes things will be just a little different; hopefully in favor of more flexibility:

Nuxeo in particular has been pretty flexible since I joined, and even more so in the last year, in terms of how we work and where we work. I think there will be a reduction to the reliance to be in the office as much as we were. The pandemic has proved to a lot of people that you can work remotely, but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time.”

As for what people should do with that flexibility? Hopefully spend more time with family and friends.