Meet Joseph Quinto (Joe), Senior Program Manager leading Nuxeo’s Cloud efforts. From defining our cloud solution roadmap, support model and technical partnerships to leading the implementation of the solution, Joe has been keeping busy since he joined Nuxeo!

Joseph Quinto

Here’s his story.

Q: What was it about Nuxeo that enticed you to join?

Out of so many great reasons, the most important for me were the people, the exciting work that’s being done by the different teams, and the opportunity to join a company transitioning from a startup to something more.

Nuxeo’s culture is hyper focused on doing everything possible to improve. You see it in the technology, our processes and how we deliver a great product to our customers. The teams are constantly supporting each other to do better and it’s a great environment to be a part of. It was a challenge for me to jump from the retail to software industry but I have enjoyed the move and learned a lot in my short time since joining Nuxeo.

Q: Tell us a little about your role.

I’m a Senior Program Manager leading our Cloud efforts. The “Cloud” is a VERY broad topic - so part of my job since joining Nuxeo has been defining it and my role at the same time. For us, “cloud” is a solution for customers who require a fully hosted solution. My focus has been leading its implementation. I’ve helped define the feature set and roadmap, our support model and technical partnerships, and eventually how we roll out the new Nuxeo Cloud to our customers. It’s a great opportunity to work with a lot of teams at Nuxeo and to talk with customers about their needs.

Our team pushes the boundaries of cloud technology, works really well together, and provides value to our customers. It’s challenging, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Q: You lead the Cloud team on a number of interesting projects. Could you share what you and your team are working on?

We have a lot going on for both our current and future cloud customers. For our current Nuxeo hosted customers, we’re working to upgrade and standardize the infrastructure and implementation model. We have a number of customers today using Virtual Machine (VM) based solutions – we want to improve on their experience while we work on a new container based model. The new model is being built using Docker containers with Rancher orchestration and we’re excited to start sharing this with customers very soon!

It’s also important for us to share our best practices with the Nuxeo community. We have customers who prefer to host the Nuxeo Content Services Platform on their own cloud environment – we want to provide them with the blueprint for a VM or Container based model built on their requirements.

We stay on top of innovations to make sure we’re always providing cutting edge and customizable solutions. This means partnering with different vendors like Amazon, Rancher, MongoDB, and Red Hat. We’ve also partnered with smaller startups like Lykuid to keep an eye on some up and comers that may be able to help us in the future.

Q: Where do you see the future of Nuxeo Cloud and what should the market look forward to?

The future of Nuxeo cloud, our Cloud Content Management system is really exciting because it impacts and supports many Nuxeo initiatives. Our customers expect a great partner when they look for a hosted solution and we’re focused on providing this via the items I mentioned earlier, specifically our work to building a new container based infrastructure model.

The cloud market is continuing to grow and there are a number of big players in the space like Amazon, Google and Microsoft pushing the space forward. A couple areas of growth that we’ve seen are data center locations and security. There is a global demand for cloud space ; expanding into more regions and locations is a common theme. Security improvements are also a focus area as the ease of use and barriers to entry continue to drop. With content security as a top priority, we’ll continue improving on our approach as the market does.

Q: You moved from Seattle, WA to Brooklyn, NY to be a part of Nuxeo. How was the transition and are you enjoying the city?

The transition from the west to the east coast has been smoother than I expected. Sometimes it’s challenging – the lifestyle in New York is very different from Seattle and it’s tough to keep up with a city that’s always on the go! For the most part, I’ve really enjoyed it.

The move itself was fun too because I took a road trip with my dad from Seattle to Brooklyn. It was 6 days with 10+ hours of driving but it was great to spend time with my dad and see the country.

It has also been nice having a lots of NY transplants in the office from France and other parts to help with the transition. Everyone has been happy to provide me with recommendations for places to visit as well as being there for me socially – it’s super helpful since I know very few people here!

Q: When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Jasper and his homies

Outside of work I like staying active, spending time with family and friends, and exploring my new surroundings. My dog, Jasper (the one in the center in the picture here), also moved with me from Seattle and he does a good job of keeping me on the move and helping me find great new spots around town. There’s surprisingly a lot of dogs in Williamsburg!

The rooftops and restaurants have been some of my favorite ways to experience and see the city. I’ve had the chance to meet some interesting people since I’ve been here and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the east coast. Cities like Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC are tops on my list right now.

I enjoy traveling, so it’s been great to visit both Paris and Lisbon since joining the team. If you have not had the chance to visit either place, definitely make the time to stop by and say hello to the Nuxeo teams in both locations!