Every month we’ll introduce you to one of our team members here at Nuxeo. We’re a friendly bunch who love staying in-tune with our customers and partners, so we hope you enjoy taking a moment to see what makes us tick.Meet Julie Allouch, in early 2011 she quietly infiltrated American society and has been winning over customers and partners for Nuxeo ever since. Now in charge of sales and customer support and satisfaction in the Americas, she’s got a big role and a lot of trail to blaze. With an ear tuned to customer needs, she takes some time to share her experiences in the field and the resources designed to help new customers learn how Nuxeo solutions can work for them. Nuxeo: Tell me about your role at Nuxeo… Julie: I’m working on the Sales team and I am also responsible for customer and partner support and satisfaction in North America. So as grow our client base here, I am in charge of many different things, working very closely with our US team and our CEO, Eric, who is also based in the US and very close to our customers. As part of my role, I am focusing on partnerships to develop Nuxeo’s business here in North America.

Nuxeo: What made you decide to come to Nuxeo? Julie: I think the main reason was that I was working for a big company before – there were a lot of processes, you had to wait one week before someone replied to you…basically, nothing happened quickly. I wanted to try in a smaller structure to experience what it was like to work in more of a start-up environment. My experience so far has been great! Eric, our CEO, is really reactive, actually, everyone is really reactive when you ask a question you don’t have to wait a lot of time, which is really useful for us in sales as we need to have replies quick to meet our customers’ expectations. Plus, I wanted to keep a sales job because I really like to talk to people, build relationships, and make sure everyone finds the right solution. It’s challenging to have a sales job in the US and to be part of taking Nuxeo to the next step on this side of the Atlantic.

Nuxeo: How long have you been in your current role? Julie: Since last September, but initially I was working from the Paris office. So I’ve been in the US working out of the Boston office since about mid-January, about 2-3 months now.

Nuxeo: And you wanted to work specifically on the US/Americas market? Julie: Yes, exactly. I’ve always had the desire to have the experience of working and living in the US.

Nuxeo: And how do you like it so far, living and working in the US? Julie: It’s great! American people are really friendly and we have a really nice office here, better than the Paris one (sorry guys!). So it’s very nice and I’ve been able to meet a lot of people since arriving. Professionally speaking, it’s really interesting to see how American people work from the inside, especially with my American colleagues here in Boston.

Nuxeo: And have you gone to the West Coast yet? Julie: Yes, I spent 1 week in our San Francisco office. And it’s even more casual than here! It was really nice. I guess things get more formal the more you go east!

Nuxeo: Ah, so you’re a bit of a bridge between the two cultures as well? Julie: [laughs] Yes, in a way. Along those lines I’m also in charge of improving communication between the Paris, Boston and SanFran office to let people know about what’s happening in Paris when it comes to things like human resources and administration or even tasks like improving the invoice process between the three locations.

Nuxeo: Do you meet with the sales team in Paris on a regular basis? Julie: Yes, I’ve worked with them for a few months so I got to know them a bit. I speak all the time with them, especially Alain, who leads the Presales team and with whom I collaborate on many sales opportunities. We talk as friends and also colleagues, sometimes giving advice on things so we can improve and share processes not just for one person, but globally for the entire sales office.

Nuxeo: What is the most challenging aspect to selling Nuxeo solutions? For example, what do you hear from customers in the field - their pain points, the objections/sales hurdles that you face? Julie: Most of the time, our biggest issue here in North America is visibility. But when customers start to discover the technology, it speaks for itself. When we explain that Nuxeo has been around for ten years, and has hundreds of customers across many verticals, it becomes easy to win them over. As the marketing team continues to improve communication in the Americas, I’m sure our visibility will be less of an issue.

Nuxeo: When you have a customer who has ideas or raises some good points/criticisms about our technology, how do you communicate this back to the team? Julie: Well, as I’m the customer’s main point of contact, when they have remarks or notice something that needs to be addressed by the technical team, I act as that bridge between the two groups and make sure that the communication between the two parties occurs to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. It needs to be easy for the clients to get information and it also must be easy for the technical team to provide assistance. In short, in these situations, I am a facilitator :-)

Nuxeo: Do you have an example of customer experience/story that you thought was unique and that you (and Nuxeo solutions) really had a hand in resolving? Julie: Yes, we just won a project with a transportation company in Canada and actually the first time she called me she was really sure about their needs and what the expectations were for the ECM RFP, so we decided to go with one of our partners, Révolution Linux in Quebec. I think we really made an impact because we had such an outstanding partner and we were able to all work together seamlessly to deliver a solution. They client told me it was really the best partnership they had with any open source company because we really followed up with them, replying quickly to their questions and helping them through critical stages of their project. Finally, the client got in touch with me directly to tell me how happy they were with Nuxeo - not just because of the technology, but also because of the relationship we built with her.

Nuxeo: What resources do you typically point your customers to? Case studies, white papers, screencasts, etc… Give us the “get to know Nuxeo”, the Julie Allouch approach. Julie: Okay, well normally I give them an overview of our products, based on the corporate slide deck, because I think the slides are really easy to understand for a first-time user and the overview provides a nice breakdown of all of the features. They usually ask for business cases in their activity sectors or a similar project that has already been completed in the US. In the US they often ask for a screenshot or business case of a project as an example, so we try to find similar projects to point them to. Thanks to our platform approach, we have a really wide range of different use cases from our customers in many verticals and usually we always find interesting projects to showcase that fits the current opportunity!

To sum up about your question, there’s a number of online resources to help them understand our offering. I would encourage clients who are interested in learning more about Nuxeo to consider the following items:

- Product downloads, Nuxeo DM or DAM or CMF: Download Nuxeo Platform
- Documentation center: Get started with Nuxeo
- Studio free trial: Nuxeo Studio
- There’s also a screencast tutorial that explains how to download and install: Enterprise Document Management System

And of course, they can always contact me or our sales team directly! For customers who are further along in their decision making process and need hands-on help, we are keen to arrange a technical presentation.

- Phone: +1 617 682 3703 (Americas)
- ROW: +33 1 40 33 79 87
- General email: contact (at) nuxeo.com