Lisa McIntyre

Meet Lisa McIntyre. She recently moved from presales into a product role and is hard at work as the Product Owner for DAM and the Adobe CC integration.

Here’s her story.

Q: I understand you have a long history with Nuxeo (both on the client and employee side). Could you describe your experiences and what lead you to join Nuxeo?

Yes, you could say I had a rather lengthy interview process :). I was a client for 2 years before joining the company.

I was so impressed with the team I worked with. From Sales (Brendan Coveney) to Support (at the time, Thierry, Vincent, Harlan) to Professional Services (Stuart), everyone was very engaged and helpful.

When I was ready for a change, Nuxeo was the only company I reached out to. I liked what I saw in the Nuxeo Content Services Platform and in the company. My background is in Library Science and the platform’s extensibility when it comes to metadata and what can be done is just mind-blowing.

Q: What is your current role at Nuxeo and what are you working on?

I recently moved from presales into a product role. I am now the Product Owner for Digital Asset Management and the Adobe CC integration. I’m hard at work on both of them.

For DAM, we’re working on exciting new stuff. Let’s just say, it’s something I wish I had when I was implementing a DAM.

For the Adobe CC connector, we’re working with Silicon Publishing on a new connector. We’re very excited to be working with them on this. They are the best at it.

Q: Can you tell us more about the ‘exciting new stuff’ for DAM you just mentioned?

For a long time, DAM has been about an archive of what’s been created. Content is created in other systems, then eventually saved to the DAM (hopefully). In theory, then, these archives opened up the ability to re-use the assets, cutting down on costs.

A great goal, but not always successful; ingest was difficult, metadata incomplete, search offered no help. So you end up with no DAM at all, and users sending files through cloud services (shh, don’t let IT know) and re-doing work instead of re-using.

We look to change that; bring the magic back to DAM. Technology is out there to make this happen, and we aim to embrace it.

Q: Based on your experience with DAM, what changes have you seen in use cases and requirements that organizations are looking for now vs a couple of years back? How do you think will this impact the future of DAM?

In some ways, companies are no longer looking for a solution that is all encompassing. They’ve realized that this approach inhibits growth. The software is so cumbersome, change happens slowly. What we’ve heard is that people want something that is REALLY good at the content management, that can scale, natively work with rich media, and integrate with all the other supporting software they like to use.

They want to do more with DAM. Not just archive.

Oh, and they want a system that is able to work the same whether in the cloud or on-premise. Hmmm, sounds like Nuxeo ;)

By the way, if the above sounds familiar, and you’re in the LA area on November 14th and 15th, let’s talk. I’ll be at Henry Stewart DAM LA.

Q: What excites you about Nuxeo’s product offerings and roadmap?

There are some interesting items around integration and machine learning. We’ve recently worked on integration with Google’s language services. We’ve only scratched the surface on what we can do with services like this.

What excites me most about our products and roadmap is more about the overall philosophy the company has towards the future. We don’t latch onto ideas for a trend’s sake and we don’t shy away from what’s next. We look to the future and say “bring it on!!!!”

Q: When you are not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I live in Austin, TX, which is known for a lot of things: music, the outdoors and BBQ. It’s fair to say that when I’m not working, we’re (my husband and our 2 kids) finding a way to take advantage of the offerings. And when we can do them all together as a family (outdoor music concert with BBQ), then life is good. When my son left for college, he said he’d miss my brisket. Not me, my brisket :)

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