Meet Melinda Cormier, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy at Nuxeo. Always on the lookout for new ways to generate demand for Nuxeo, she is here to make sure our marketing efforts positively impact our business worldwide.

Here’s her story.

Q: You have been in Nuxeo for a few years now - You have been a part of some major transformations of the company. How would you describe your experience thus far and what do you think about the direction we are heading?

I’ve been with Nuxeo since September 2014 and it has been amazing to watch the company grow so much in such a short period of time. We have more than doubled the number of employees and opened 4 new offices worldwide. As we continue to grow as a company, we have also made huge strides with the product - from features, to integrations, user interface, and strategy. Nuxeo is probably one of the only companies with a product strategy that actually aligns with the future of the industry, allowing us to meet and exceed the demands of our current and future customers. I believe Nuxeo is truly headed in the right direction and I’m excited to see our growth over the next few years.

Q: Tell us a little about your role.

I head up the Demand Generation team which includes digital marketing, some field marketing, marketing operations, and analyst relations. I develop marketing campaigns and programs to help generate demand for Nuxeo and increase our brand awareness with the analyst community through regular interactions and briefings. I also work with the product marketing team to create personalized content and campaigns for our prospects, along with our sales operations team to ensure that our marketing activities produce positive results for the Sales team.

Q: Have you seen any change in the demand for Nuxeo in the Content Services market over the past couple of years?

Definitely. There has been a significant increase in the amount of demand for Nuxeo over the past few years. I believe the market is tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on maintenance contracts for legacy tools that just don’t work anymore and getting stuck with solutions that can’t evolve as their needs change. Nuxeo offers a better solution and we stand behind it. We encourage our prospects to review our benchmark data, ask the analyst community about us, read our customer reviews on sites like G2 Crowd, and try the Nuxeo Platform themselves. We offer a solution that’s unique to the market and people are really excited about it!

Q: As we are scaling at a rapid pace globally, how do you handle the challenges you come across and continue managing all aspects of demand generation?

As a fast growing organization, we experience our fair share of growing pains, but those allow us to create processes and strategies that evolve over time. Each challenge presents unique opportunities to try new things and make improvements - from campaign planning, to marketing operations, to sales enablement. We work as a team to help each other and the business.

Q: When you are not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Mini RallyI enjoy staying active and embracing my inner rally driver. When I’m not lifting weights at the gym, kayaking, fishing, or meal prepping, I’m probably cleaning or driving one of my cars. My “fun” car is a 2006 MINI Cooper S, nicknamed Unicorn (there’s a story behind the name here!). I thoroughly enjoy driving Unicorn in rallies with fellow MINI enthusiasts all over New England. If I’m feeling a bit more low key, I may ride my scooter, nicknamed Lala (there’s a story here too), which is great for getting to the gym, but not so great after leg day.

Unicorn’s Origin Story: It was the summer of 2015 and I had decided it was time to get a new “fun” car because I was driving a 2011 VW Golf TDI (automatic) and it was getting really boring. After doing a bunch of research on which car I would enjoy the most, I found that the R53 MINI Cooper S was the one for me, but I didn’t want just any R53. My must-haves included: hyper blue metallic with a white or silver roof and matching mirror caps, a 2006 because its the last year of the supercharger and because of the limited slip differential, a 6 speed manual transmission, low miles (under 50k), from the South (to avoid rust issues), completely stock, and relatively inexpensive. Needless to say, I was told it would be really difficult to find that exact car, and in essence I was searching for a “Unicorn”. Well, November 2015 rolls around and I come across a MINI on Craigslist in Pennsylvania. It was listed as a diesel (the R53s weren’t offered as a diesel) and as an automatic (but the pictures showed a standard). I called the dealership, asked a bunch of questions, offered to pay cash, and they accepted! I drove down to PA that weekend and drove the Unicorn back. She even has a vanity plate to match!

The story of Lala: Melinda's scooterThis story isn’t as eventful as the Unicorn, but basically I bought the scooter because I wanted something great on gas and fun to ride around on in the city. When signing the paperwork to transfer ownership from the previous owner to myself, I noticed that the first 4 letters of the VIN number are LALA. I laughed to myself and thought, “Yup, that’s a pretty great nickname for this little 49cc scooter.” So the scooter became known as Lala, and now I have Lala and the Unicorn in my garage!