#thisisme explores the unique roles, careers, and lives of Nuxeo employees; throughout the month of March, we’re celebrating the stories of International Women. This week, meet Monique Ruggiero, Senior Solution Consultant and global citizen who thrives on new challenges:

Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom – Monique Ruggiero has lived and worked around the world, but today she works from the UK as a Senior Solution Consultant for Nuxeo. In her role, Monique is focused on pre-sales technical consulting: configuring Nuxeo’s platform to demonstrate how it meets potential customers’ needs. Her career began in programming, but she encountered pre-sales while freelancing after her children were born. She loved the customer interaction and made it permanent:

I personally think pre-sales is one of the best roles in IT; you have the ability to be creative as well as technical!

Monique Ruggiero, Senior Solution Consultant at Nuxeo

As she describes her life and the choices that led her to each stage of her career, it’s easy to see how she ended up a global citizen. Monique loves the thrill of new experiences (she recently went tandem sky-diving, and hot air balloons are next on the list) and she considers herself open-minded and flexible about other cultures.

All of her international moves were opportunities that she sought out, and she discusses how her experience has shaped her work matter-of-factly: “It’s a bit of a cliche these days, but to be able to connect with different people around the world is a plus.” Not only is Nuxeo a global company, but most of Nuxeo’s clients are multinational organizations as well; whether she’s talking to programmers in India or a manager in the US, she’ll be ready.

Monique and her team in London

Like all of her big moves, motivation to keep life interesting is part of what led Monique to Nuxeo after many successful years with her previous company. “I made a conscious decision to get into something else, new products, new technologies. I thought, ‘I’ve done this long enough, I want to do something different.’ ” After her initial interview with Nuxeo, she received an offer from elsewhere, but decided to contact Nuxeo again before making a decision.

Nuxeo struck me at the time as being a more modern, forward thinking company… a cross between a startup and also an established company.”

Many vendors in this industry work with older technology, and she was excited to work on something more innovative. “Also the people– it was a different vibe, a more interesting, happier vibe compared to the companies I used to work for.”

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Monique and her team in NYC
Monique in Honk Kong