At Nuxeo, supporting customers is a big part of our work! Wether your issue is minor or blocker, Thierry Martins, in charge of the Nuxeo Support team, will give attention to it helping you succeed with your Nuxeo implementation. We wanted to introduce him this month because he’s familiar to a lot of our clients, and he deserves to be in the spotlight!

Nuxeo: What’s your position within Nuxeo?
I’m in charge of Nuxeo’s support team. I coordinate the support team which is composed of full-time, dedicated people, and which is supported by a revolving cast of Nuxeo developers, according to a calendar maintained by each project manager. We believe that it is important to keep support, product development and R&D connected.

Prior to Nuxeo, I was an R&D engineer at an IT Services Firm, where I worked on Nuxeo’s previous technology - CPS. I discovered the team through a mission at Nuxeo, and that’s when I had to come here to work!

Nuxeo: Why is support key to Nuxeo?
As an open source vendor, support is one of our main revenue sources. By subscribing to support, our customers contribute to our R&D effort as much as we contribute to the success of their projects. Of course Support fixes our customers issues, but it also helps us improve the quality of our software, correcting the bugs reported by our clients, who often have more heterogeneous platforms than the ones we have to test in our development teams.As much as possible, we also try to bring them very specific first-level consulting, which is one of the strengths of our value-added support, helping our clients in their integration process.

Nuxeo: What are the tools available to help people using Nuxeo?
We have several tools available helping customers with Nuxeo:

  • Jira, an issue tracking tool that helps people follow the status of their problem items. A public part is open to follow all the improvements requests, and a private part is available to each paying customer having subscribed to our Premium Support options to follow their own issues. Thanks to Jira, they know when someone is working on their issue, and it also helps us meet our deadlines.
  • Nuxeo’s online documentation, which is publicly available, is the strength of our open source solution. It is made of both technical documentation and tutorials to get started quickly on our platform or packaged distributions, but it also allows people to dive into very advanced topics.
  • A newly launched Q&A site,, enables users or developers to ask questions and get free support from us and the community.
  • And there are also the Nuxeo Forums, where people can discuss more general topics about Enterprise Content Management system.

Nuxeo: What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started quickly with Nuxeo?
The easiest way to start quickly is to download our software! You can choose to download the Nuxeo Platform or one of our three packaged distributions : Document Management system, DAM system or Case Management Platform. As I told before, some online resources are publicly available to help you with your installation and first steps with the platform.After that first look, I would advise any professional user to attend one of our trainings in Boston or Paris. You’ll discover Nuxeo Document Management, Nuxeo Studio our customization environment, and the up-coming Nuxeo IDE, based on Eclipse.

Nuxeo: What makes working for Nuxeo special?
The atmosphere is great, whatever the department is. People working at Nuxeo are experts, with really high-level skills, and a passion for their work. The human size of the company is also a strength: it’s easy to discuss with Marketing, R&D, Sales, HR… It’s good to share everyone’s point of view.

We also often have feedback from our clients and partners towards the work done, and it’s always a pleasure to have your work congratulated!

Nuxeo: What makes you the most proud in your position?
Having good customer feedback is really rewarding, because you know what you’re doing is useful and looked forward to.

Contributing to the development of innovative software, that listens to its customers, and is flexible and open is also something that counts for me.

Nuxeo: And, apart from helping Nuxeo users, what are you doing in your free time?
I’m an accomplished athlete: I practice Tennis at least once a week, except in tournaments… During competition, I can play up to 5 times a week. The key is to make it through the beginning. I also went to Australia to see a final of the Grand Slam, hoping to see Roger Federrer… but I only saw Djokovic vs. Murray :(

I’m also a huge car fan, and I sometimes go to Germany or Switzerland to admire the most beautiful cars in the world at motorshows. My favorite brand? Aston Martin! But i can do with a simple Audi for everyday life…