Every month we’ll introduce you to one of our team members here at Nuxeo. We’re a friendly bunch who love staying in-tune with our customers and partners, so we hope you enjoy taking a moment to see what makes us tick.

Meet Thomas Roger, part of the Nuxeo development team hard at work on integrating and enhancing our products to meet customer needs. Like many of the engineers at Nuxeo, he wears many hats and contributes his time and expertise to multiple Nuxeo projects and components. This month he’s been focused on the DAM 1.3 release and shares with us some of his insights and experiences working on this product and life at Nuxeo.

Nuxeo: When did you join Nuxeo?
Thomas: Well, it must have been, wow…, 3 ½ years ago now. I started as an intern, spending 2 days a week at school and 3 days a week at Nuxeo before joining as an employee.

Nuxeo: Did you have a lot of experience in open source before coming to Nuxeo?
Thomas: I used some applications, but, no, not really. Now, though, I’m pretty much an open source convert.

Nuxeo: What did you start out doing at Nuxeo?
Thomas: Oh…hmm, that was a long time ago. I guess the very first thing was working on portlets. Not specifically Nuxeo applications, but components that users could use to communicate with Nuxeo products, for example, there was a JBOSS portal and a Jahia portal.

Nuxeo: And now you work on Nuxeo DAM, is this your only project?
Thomas: No, there’s DAM, Nuxeo DM, individual customer projects, some of our own internal projects, like the User Home we started working on in our developer’s sprint and the integration of the open social dashboard interface that Leroy Merlin contributed. Also, I’m working on stuff in the Admin Center so that users are better able to configure their dashboard.

Nuxeo: What do you like about working on Nuxeo DAM?
Thomas: Well it’s interesting on a lot of different levels. First, it’s based on the same core technology, but with an entirely different interface so this really makes it stand apart from Nuxeo DM and CMF. Plus, because you’re working with a different kind of content - images, video, audio versus documents, invoices, specifications - when you’re building something for Nuxeo DAM, you have to think of presentation in a completely different way.

Nuxeo: When was the first release of Nuxeo DAM?
Thomas: Initial committees and concepts began in April 2009 and we did our first release 8 months later in February 2010.

Nuxeo: What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to DAM?
Thomas: Time. We would all like to have more time to devote to this project and of course we could always use customers who bring ideas to us and are interested in working together to make those happen.

Nuxeo: What would you like to see happen with Nuxeo products in the future?
Thomas: We want to do a lot more with integration. I’d love to see a Nuxeo DAM 2.0, where we integrate it with Nuxeo DM using plugins the way we do for CMF. Also, greater integration with Nuxeo Studio and even extending Studio itself for that purpose, so that users have greater ability to customize the product themselves.

Nuxeo: How do you like working for Nuxeo?
Thomas: I really like working here. It’s fun, the work is interesting and challenging. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Nuxeo: So do you have any side projects outside of work like some of your colleagues? Are you a musician, photographer, etc.?
Thomas: Well, I’ve had to put my geeky projects on hold for the DAM 1.3 release, but I’ll get back to my gaming and love of really bad horror movies soon enough!