If you are looking for information about your Nuxeo Platform, such as workflow performance, the most frequently used search terms, the number of documents created last month, or who created the most documents in your application, then you are reading the right blog!

Starting from the LTS 2015 release, the Nuxeo Platform offers a data visualization toolkit, based on HTML5 and Web Components. This toolkit will help you visualize content data and analyze activities, such as workflows, search requests, etc.

A set of widgets is available for configuring graphical dashboards that will allow you to monitor your data and workflows.

This feature leverages Elasticsearch distributed computation capabilities that allows you to aggregate, compute, and then visualize any data stored in the Nuxeo Platform.

What is Available Out-of-the-Box

The Nuxeo Platform contains sample dashboards built using available widgets. For example:

  • Pie charts and bar diagrams for distribution of metadata values
  • Tables for nested aggregate computation, such as average value of a given property distributed among terms of another property of the document

Here’s what you can find by default.

Measuring Workflow Performance:

Make sure that the add-on “Nuxeo Review Workflows Dashboards” is installed from the Marketplace ( it can be installed during the Nuxeo Platform startup wizard or later from the Admin page).

As an administrator, you can access the list of available workflows in the Admin tab > Workflow section. Select the one you want and by default you will be on the “Analytics” tab of the selected workflow.

You can directly see the following information about a given workflow:

  • Average duration
  • Distribution of the initiators
  • Average time spent per user on each node of the workflow
  • List of actions per user

You can see the analytics for the default embedded workflow “Parallel Document Review” below. Note that at the top you can select the date ranges to refine your information.

“Parallel document review” workflow analytics“Parallel document review” workflow analytics

Repository and Search Analytics:

As an administrator, you can access the “Repository Analytics” and “Search Analytics” in the Admin Tab > Activity Section.

You can find the following information about the Repository Analytics:

  • Number of documents
  • Distribution of documents types
  • Top 10 creators
  • Graphics with number of created and modified documents between two date ranges

Repository AnalyticsRepository Analytics

Regarding Search Analytics, the following information is provided:

  • Distribution of search type used
  • Bar diagram with number of calls per hour
  • Tables with the most used search terms, number of results, number of pages displayed and filters used

Search AnalyticsSearch Analytics

Customize your Dashboards

You can quickly:

  • Create advanced analytics dashboard on content/data or performance (workflow, activity)
  • Aggregate any query on one or multiple axes (time, bucket, terms)
  • Render using advanced charting elements, leveraging any JS charting library

Check out this documentation to learn more about building your own dashboards.