What do you think are the top three big-ticket items people buy, but don’t actually use? Try to guess all three, and then see if you can match our (completely unscientific) top three list below!

| Fitness equipment. Unfortunately, hanging clothes on a treadmill does not count as using it. | Unusual furniture. Perhaps interesting to look at [?] but quite uncomfortable to sit on and actually use… | Boats. Many boats never leave their dock due to costs. With boat owners already plundered by heavy expenses, who needs pirates? |

It’s a mistake to call something you own an asset if you never put it to use. It’s the same for digital assets in your organization as well. If you’re not getting meaningful business value from your digital assets, then they’re not really “assets”!

Technology analyst firm Gleanster seems to strongly agree in their 2014 Gleansight Benchmark Report on Digital Asset Management. This comment from the report really drives home the point:

Digital content transform into “digital assets” once organizations make them easily identifiable, searchable and available in real time to those who need them. Market competitors who can achieve “digital asset” status quickly improve their odds of winning in today’s fast-moving, multichannel marketing and sales environment.

How can organizations expedite the process of transforming digital content into digital assets in the true business sense of that word? Quite often, the first step is to recognize that legacy DAM tools still in place are not keeping up with today’s rapidly changing business environments and technology infrastructures.

GSD&M LogoFor example, GSD&M is a leading full-service advertising agency with a client list that includes Southwest Airlines, John Deere, and Goodyear. Lisa McIntyre, Digital Asset Management Librarian for GSD&M, told Nuxeo the company realized it had to change its legacy DAM platform that could not keep up with business demands. “We realized we needed to change our DAM platform and ‘break up’ with our [legacy] vendor,” she added.

Please check out our new GSD&M case study and you’ll see why breaking up with your legacy DAM vendor is not hard to do.


TBWA, a leading international advertising agency that is a part of Omnicom Group like GSD&M, also uses the Nuxeo Platform for enterprise DAM. We are excited to be presenting a CMS Wire-hosted webinar on Sept. 15, 2015: 5 Ways to Transform Your Digital Content into Valuable Digital Assets_._ You will hear directly from TBWA’s DAM professionals, who will discuss how they have successfully drawn strong business value from their digital assets.

As recently noted in Gleanster in their blog, Digital Asset Management systems are “no longer just about creating content; it’s about creating and re-using the right content for the right channels.” This new reality is elevating enterprise DAM to a new level of strategic importance for organizations in virtually every industry. Don’t let your digital content gather dust like a forgotten treadmill or dock-bound boat, put it to work for you as business-building digital assets! And of course, Nuxeo can help.