Alongside the press release we published today about major new connectivity capabilities of the Nuxeo platform, today we’re also announcing several other connectors.

In our press release, we highlight the general availability of our Nuxeo Sitecore Connector and Aspera connector, as well as a new version of our Adobe Creative Cloud Connector. We also announced enhanced connectivity to third-party AI services that complement Nuxeo Insight, our AI for content management] product.

However, we have several more new connectors and integrations (we just couldn’t fit them all in the formal announcement!). These include:


A core philosophy at Nuxeo is that our customers’ teams work in a wide variety of ways, and we should make it easy for people to work in the tools they prefer. With our new Slack integration, Nuxeo customers can connect Nuxeo workflows to Slack in a variety of ways. For example, a new review can create a Slack channel with the relevant team and post an image, a document, or other object to the channel Another example would be assigning a task in Nuxeo that would then trigger a Slack notification.

Facebook and YouTube

Posting content to social channels is a common request from our customers, and we’ve made it easy to do so with a single button.


From Nuxeo, users can post content to their Shopify store with a single click (or automatically, at scale).

We’re working on many other connectors and integrations, so stay tuned for more announcements and updates soon!