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Nuxeo released version 5.4 of both the platform architecture - Nuxeo EP - as well as the most popular packaged product - Nuxeo DM. Congrats to the in-house Nuxeo development, documentation and product teams... but also to our customer and partner community who played an important part in our pre-release all-hands bug-squashing day, as well as testing and feedback via our mailing lists and discussion forums. Merci!

ReadWriteWeb Enterprise

Online journal "ReadWriteWeb" published in their Enterprise section last week: "5 Trends to Watch in the Enterprise" ... and it was cool to see at least 2 of those new trends directly reflected in what we did with the Nuxeo 5.4 launch.

#1 on their list? "Marketplaces Will Continue to Grow"

According to the article's author, Alex Williams, "Apps marketplaces provide buyers with the capability to buy stand alone apps or apps that fit within the context of a larger platform". Williams adds, "these marketplaces will become increasingly common as places for companies to purchase apps for specific business purposes."

Sound familiar? Nuxeo Marketplace - what we believe is the first ECM app store, went into preview in August, and formally launched last week. The Marketplace is intended to be a one-stop shop for our customers and partners to upload, download and exchange (unpaid for now... paid options in the short-term roadmap...) packaged modules and apps built for the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform and its related packaged products - Nuxeo DM, DAM or Case Management Framework.

Our own development team has been busy packaging and loading common enhancements and feature extensions that customers frequently ask for. In the spirit of efficiency, openness and our stated company goal of simplifying the entire content application acquisition, design and deployment process, we've bundled up common add-ons in a way that makes them easy to download, install, test and deploy. Partner modules are next... opening the door to our Galaxy partners and community members to share the cool widgets and apps they've built for Nuxeo solutions, helping customers meet their specific business goals faster and with less re-invention of the wheel.

(Get a look at Nuxeo Marketplace directly, or log-in to the Connect Portal with your customer ID to access it. Not a Nuxeo Online Services subscriber yet? Sign up for a 30-day trial account that includes access to Nuxeo Studio.)

#4 on the RWW Trends List? "Application Developer Platforms"

With Nuxeo EP 5.4, we've listened to the needs of our developers, integrators and clients who know what they need - content applications tailored specifically for their business and unique requirements. The elegance of Nuxeo EP lends itself not only to be packaged and distributed as great DM or DAM products for mainstream business needs, but what differentiates Nuxeo even more from mainstream ECM vendors is the ability to start with the core architecture and build apps on demand. Two new distributions of Nuxeo EP were released with 5.4 - Nuxeo Core Server and Nuxeo Content Application Platform.

Why promote these developer-centric downloads? Because our most innovative and interesting customer success stories often start here. (Read up on the two newest customer stories posted by Product Marketing Manager Jane Zupan - cool interviews with Jeppesen (a Boeing subsidiary) and eHuman blogged this month). Whether the use case is a need to embed content management services into another software application, or to build a new content application for a specific customer or vertical market need, these two newly packaged distributions let the Java developer get to work.

Our partners and customers have full access to the same flexibility, extensibility and documentation that our own Nuxeo core developers have. That's how we've built Nuxeo DM and DAM; because of this, content application builders can create their own interpretation of DM, DAM or any other content app or service that relies on a foundation of technical excellence.

More on the Nuxeo EP and DM 5.4 release later this week as we kick off Nuxeo World. See you there.