We at Nuxeo believe that content is at the very core of business success. If something can’t easily be expressed as content, you can’t share it and you can’t act on it.

Nuxeo Platform 7.4

That core belief led to the Nuxeo Platform, built from the ground up to serve as a true enterprise-class content management platform for business applications.

Our new Fast Track 7.4 release (FT 7.4) expands the enterprise-wide reach of the Nuxeo Platform deeper and wider than ever before with new functionality and integrations. Just a few examples:

  • New content analytics and data visualization. FT 7.4 now includes a data visualization toolkit to build analytic dashboards showing workflow performance, content-related data, search queries and much more. With this new toolkit, based on HTML5 and Web Components, users can track key metrics and address small issues before they become big problems.
  • Salesforce.com integration. Organizations around the world rely on Salesforce.com (SFDC) applications to acquire and serve customers every day. FT 7.4 now provides the power of the Nuxeo Platform within the SFDC app. SFDC users can now associate content with leads, opportunities, customers, campaigns or any SFDC object - enabling easy search, access and sharing of the right content with the right people at the right time throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Fast, easy ACLs and user permissioning. New enterprise applications can quickly get bogged down by legacy tools that make it difficult to define what users or groups can access what content and when. FT 7.4 now enables admins and managers alike to easily manage permissions with a new user-friendly UI, along with new capabilities, such as setting temporary, time-based user access rights valid only for a desired date range, and defining precise security filters that may allow, for example, a user to view an image but only download a low-res version.
  • Accelerated, secure content delivery via CDNs. The Nuxeo Platform now optimizes your global enterprise network bandwidth and performance by delivering content directly from Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as CloudFront, Azure CDN or Akamai, as well as Cloud Blob Stores such as AWS S3. FT 7.4 now makes this possible by automatically returning a unique URL download to directly access desired content from the CDN, enabling fast delivery while ensuring access security.

I am looking forward to presenting What’s New in Nuxeo Platform 7.4, a webinar tour of the key new features of our newest Fast Track release. You will also gain an understanding as to how the Nuxeo Platform can fulfill your most demanding needs for ECM, DAM, case management, or any custom content-focused application with customized workflows and cloud-ready. I hope you will join me for this webinar!