The Nuxeo Outlook Integration allows you to archive emails and files as documents to your Nuxeo instance and access the repository without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

New features

  • Added an option to show thumbnails instead of fixed icons the first column. Hovering over the thumbnail will show a bigger preview if it’s thumbnail has been enabled. This option can be enabled in Settings → View → Enable thumbnails. Thumbnails for pictures and videos are enabled by default, thumbnails for other mime types are disabled by default.
  • Added Dark Mode (Settings → General → Theme). Outlook needs to be restarted for the setting to take effect.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added “Open” context menu item (same function as double click)
  • Removed “HTTP Not Found” message after changing servers
  • “Upload file(s)” and “Create folder” now visualize the correct state when they are disabled
  • Delete button now visualizes its correct state
  • Update “license state” on license tab after new license has been imported
  • Fixed “License has not been imported because it is Unknown” after importing a valid license
  • Fixed an issue with paging when viewing favorites.

For more information check out the Outlook Connector page on the Nuxeo Marketplace