The 0.2 version of Occitan (languedocian) has been uploaded. Thanks to Bruno

A new spellchecker is also available Marathi (India)

This indian language is spoken by around 90 millions of people Wikipedia says

it has been a quite challenging work as from a word list in an encoding i
could not read on first load, i end up with 'not-so-bad' solution :)

Thanks to Hunspell, the
default engine of OOo 2.0.3, using UTF-8 is possible so the Marathi language
became beautifull to me (well, unfortunatelly only as a picture)

Using CTL linguistic options as well as a dedicated font (all is explained
in the readme file of the spellchecker), one can see that the spellchecker
is working even if there are some missing word.

The next step is creating the affix file and enrich the word list. Some
solutions are on the road though ...

Thanks Priti D. Patil and janabhaaratii Project  for
giving this word list and releasing the spellchecker ressources under

This has been possible because Marathi (India) was a locale already defined
at the OOo L10N  project
level and available in OOo. So also thanks to the L10N project

I really like when energies are merging and i find that someone prepared a
work i need as a basis :)

Both spellcheckers are available within DicOOo.

They're actually propagating on mirror so be patient ...

Be sure to read README file for special needed configuration if you're not
in India

Other lingucomponent
stuff being finalized and will be announced soon, stay tunned ...

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)