With the next LTS (Long Term Support) version of the Nuxeo Platform set to be released this November, we are changing how we assign product version names and numbers for our core platform. We believe these changes will better align with our ecosystem of LTS and Fast Track (FT) releases and greatly improve all communications with our Nuxeo community.

  1. The name for each LTS version will be based on the year it is released. This means our new LTS release set for this November will be named LTS 2015. The next LTS release (scheduled for November 2016) will be named LTS 2016, and so on.
  2. The LTS version number will now always end with .10 and the major number will now match the Fast Track cycle that led to the LTS. This means our new next LTS version named LTS 2015 will be numbered as LTS 7.10.

Each LTS version, far from being a brand new version never used before, is the result of several releases throughout the previous year, used and tested by those who discovered the Nuxeo Platform via our website, and by some of our customers who decided to start their project using a Fast Track release. It therefore makes sense to keep the same major digit for the next-to-be-released LTS. That’s why we will use “7” for the major number of the next LTS release.

Now why would we use “7.10” while after “7.4” we could have expected “7.5” ? The marker “.10” will allow to recognize a LTS dependency. You’ll know reading a POM that your project is aligned to an LTS because it is a *.10 dependency: 8.10 for LTS 2016, 9.10 for LTS 2017, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments, and we look forward to formally announcing LTS 2015 / LTS 7.10 very soon this November!