Here's the first post of a hopefully long list of tech reports where I'll be writing about what's going on the R&D front. Our developers are working on cool stuff and we want to share this with you. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to use the comments section. This is the place for us to start a technical discussion on what we're focusing on. I would also love your input on the format/frequency of such a report.

Nuxeo Studio

We're always developing new features & improvements for Studio. Right now we're focusing on improving the complex types (be able to import a XSD schema, be able to create nested complex types, handle complex types in result layouts and search forms on Studio side), the tab designer and Content Routing. The 2.9 version is coming very soon with other cool features, but we'll give you the details when the time comes.

VCS (Visible Content Store, the default backend storage for the Nuxeo content repository)

We have some new optimizations planned, like using UPDATE instead of DELETE/INSERT for MS SQL Server, switch to native UUIDs instead of simple Strings, and probably add Join and Count to NXQL.

dev team hard at work dev team hard at work

Nuxeo IDE

We're still working on the IDE. At one point we'll have a nice Eclipse distrib to download with the Nuxeo SDK and a fancy splash screen saying Nuxeo IDE.

Work in progress:

  • Bug fixes related to studio account updates, project conversions (existing dependencies are not removed when adding Nuxeo Nature (we keep it and add only SDK)

  • Improving existing wizards (adapter...)

  • Little UI improvements for better ergonomy

  • Main features(NXIDE-196):

  • Creation of link to the SDK (make it browsable to edit config resources in IDE)

  • Seam Project conversion removed, action wizards updated, Seam actions in the same source folder (src/main/java) instead of (src/main/seam)

  • Export mode improvements

  • M2Eclipse compliance (can import project with this plugin and convert it into Nuxeo one.)

The next minor release, 1.1.10, should arrive for Christmas. :D

Nuxeo Drive

I know some of you are eager to try it. It's still not production ready but here's what's roughly missing:
- Nice UI client side to see and stop the sync process
- Incremental change detection to lower server load
- Enhance synced doc types (right now only File, Folder and Workspace are synced).

Take a look at Nuxeo Drive's Roadmap


Fear not, Nuxeo Drive will be in no way a replacement for LiveEdit, as they address a different need. So we are still working on it. We plan to simplify its architecture so that it's easier to maintain/extend. Ideally it will be based on the same layer as Nuxeo Drive for the low-level stuff and on macros for OOo and MSO that manage integration and UI. We're still thinking about this right now. It's more of a long term wish.


On the performance front, Benoit has been testing OpenJDK 7 u7, and we got some neat results. Here's a quick differential report (openJDK7u7 vs openJDK7u3) showing +20% better performance under load thanks to a faster GC.

Nuxeo CSV

Import / export of documents through CSV files. Thomas wrote this plugin two months ago.