New Beacon research from the Gilbane Group this month, and Nuxeo was pleased to participate. This whitepaper series provides guidance on content strategies, practices and technologies. The topic of this new paper is “Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications”. This paper is important because it adds additional validation to our hypothesis that 2010-11 will be the shift in the evolution of ECM from suites to platforms.

New generation content management system architecture are ready, they’ve been battle-tested, been benchmarked, performance-tuned, and demonstrated measurable benefits in real-world content management deployments. The audience for this paper is technical and business decision-makers evaluating ECM and who want to ensure that they are considering the full range of systems available today. The paper does some direct comparisons of new ECM platforms to legacy offerings from Open Text and EMC, and provides solid guidance on when an open source Enterprise Content Management system should be considered for production, mission-critical content apps inside an enterprise.

“As the next generation of solutions takes hold across the ECM landscape, stakeholders are finding attractive options to expensive monolithic systems. The new ECM platforms are on par with the features, functions and capabilities that are available in first generation ECM solutions with proprietary architectures, and offer significant functionality, price and deployment advantages”.

Unsure how a Content Services platform such as Nuxeo stacks up against the bigger brand names? The paper ends with a detailed and thorough comparison of products across 14 major criteria. It’s worth a look if your organization is considering a new ECM deployment, or are ready to move to a platform built in this century… not the last one.

And don’t forget… if you plan to be at the Boston Gilbane Conference November 30-December 2, please make sure you say Hi… I’ll be on the panel discussion to kick off the Technology Trends Track on December 1.