As most readers of Nuxeos blogs will know, Nuxeo organised
a sprint
here in
Paris last week. what started out in December as a sprint to make Five
more complete and usable, especially with CMF, had by the time the sprint
started turned into an Zope 3 ECM sprint. Mainly thanks to that the
necessary Five enhancements had
already happened
. But after the first day of manu discussions on what we
needed, we realized that what we were trying to do was to build more
frameworks, but what was needed was more people!

The group of people using Zope 3 is currently small, close-knit and
extremely clever. The result of this has been an excellent framework for
building web applications. But as we saw with Zope 2, frameworks are not
enough. Building something with a framework means you have to learn that
framework. What is needed to increase the usage of Zope 3 are finished
applications, such as CPS and Plone. But we are not gonna get a finished
ECMS application, unless we finish an ECMS framwork. And that will take a
long time, if the same small group of Zope 3 developers are to work on it.
We need to get more developers working on Zope 3. But for that to happen we
need more users of Zope 3. Yes, it's a catch 22.

Luckily there is a way out of that circle of non-usage. We need to make it
possible for Zope 2 users to use Zope 3 technologies, in otherwords, we need
to make it easy for people to use Five. The decision was therefore to
include Five and the relevant parts of Zope3 into the next release of Zope

  1. This then became the largest job of the sprint, in one way quite a
    different direction than was expected, and in another way, just the next
    step from what we originally intended. Zope 2.8 will have closer Five
    integration than ever, Five will be included with Zope. This means you as a
    Zope 2 developer, can start using Zope 3 technologies in your Zope 2
    applications, without any extra effort or installation woes.

The aim of being able to make applications that run unmodified both on
Zope2 and Zope3 is still quite a bit away. That will be the goal of Zope

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)