Nuxeo and Salesforce

As we constantly strive to make the Nuxeo Platform better and more integrated than ever, we turned our attention to the Salesforce (SF) platform and connectors. In our latest release, Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 7.4, we introduced a new Nuxeo Salesforce Connector for integrated Customer Relationship Management.

The Nuxeo Salesforce Connector (Salesforce Canvas App) provides a new way to attach your documents to any Salesforce object - such as opportunities, contacts and accounts - and allows users to easily search, list and preview all of these related assets from within the Salesforce UI.

Of course, these documents are stored within a remote Nuxeo server and a Salesforce user can use all the powerful features of the Nuxeo Platform on these documents.

Let’s see how this integration looks and how it works!

The Look!

Let’s get started by displaying an SF object (in this example, an opportunity).

If you look right under the first set of metadata for your SF object, you will see a new UI area, “Related documents from Nuxeo.” That’s the drag and drop zone for your attached documents in Nuxeo!

Related documents from Nuxeo

Documents dropped here will then be stored in a remote Nuxeo server. Now you can edit and preview them, download the content, create folders within this container and see the metadata - all while working within the UI.

Create folders/documents in the 'Related documents from Nuxeo' section

Documents added in the 'Related documents from Nuxeo' section

Switch to the “Audit” tab, and you will see the activity listing for all the attached documents that have been associated with that SF object.

Activity listing for all the attached documents

The Nuxeo integration with is fast, reliable, and secure. You won’t miss any action on your SF object and your documents will be securely stored in a remote Nuxeo server where you will be able to apply workflows, edit the metadata and create new actions, thanks to the Nuxeo platform and Nuxeo Studio features!

You can apply workflows, edit the metadata and create new actions

How the Nuxeo Integration within Works

By following our documentation, you will be able to test this plugin (even with free trial Salesforce and Nuxeo accounts!)

The Nuxeo Salesforce plugin is, first and foremost, a new complete UI that is all written in Polymer elements: Material design, performance and advanced HTML5 Google UI right within Salesforce!

Nuxeo Integration Using Salesforce Javascript SDK Polymer Element

In order to integrate Nuxeo Canvas App within Salesforce, we had to use the Salesforce Javascript SDK. This SDK allows users to easily access the Salesforce context and make REST API calls through OAuth2. With the Polymer architecture and the joy of creating new elements, we have embedded the SDK with the nx-salesforce-connection element!

This polymer can be embedded in every kind of HTML5 environment. It will be maintained and great new features will be introduced! So, don’t hesitate to check this out regularly and use it for your own Canvas App!

Nuxeo/Salesforce Authentication Made Easy

As you can see, bijective authentications have to be executed in order to:

  • Access the Nuxeo repository and client
  • Access the Salesforce context and SF objects data

Salesforce access is executed through OAuth2, thanks to the SF SDK and Basic authentication is configured for Nuxeo access (but with Nuxeo all of these authentications can be configured!)

For Salesforce authentication there’s nothing tricky. All you have to do is enter your client ID in the Nuxeo admin center and your callback, and you’re done!

Nuxeo/Salesforce authentication

Adding the Power of Nuxeo to

In order to drag and drop documents within the Nuxeo Canvas app, a default configuration to bind SF objects to Nuxeo objects has been defined. Creating an SF object will then trigger the creation of a Nuxeo container. This container gets a SF ID and Name properties and the user can drop related documents in this container.

Salesforce Side:

Adding the Power of Nuxeo to

Nuxeo Side:

Documents in new opportunity available in Nuxeo side

This configuration is not hard coded. Use the Nuxeo Platform to define your own configuration!

These contributions are based on Automation:

  • You can override the chains to bind to your custom documents
  • Define new rules if you want to do extra operations with this binding
  • Play in Nuxeo Studio directly to enjoy powerful and easy configuration features!