This might be the best new feature offered by the new version of our ECM platform: Nuxeo EP 5.2. Nuxeo annotation service, let you add annotations directly on the content of any office document or picture. Just select some text of an office document (a line, a whole paragraph, a table cell), or any portion of a picture,
type in a comment, and validate: your annotation is shared with everybody. Of course the document is not modified whatsoever, annotations are stored separately and displayed as a layer. All of this directly in your browser. It just rocks! :-)

Now, here are some details and background about what it does and what if can do...


I have uploaded a MSOffice document in Nuxeo, and I intend to read it, study it and annotate. Nothing is simpler : I just go to my document, clic on the preview tab, read it, and highlight the sentence I want to explain : a pop up automatically opens, I enter the remark here, and validate. A new annotation is created.
On the left panel, you have a foldable column displaying the listing of the annotations, with author, date, and an icon. This icon allows to focus on the annotations selected (for a text annotation, the page concerned becomes current page, for images, the frame changes color so that you can see it.


It is easy to add an image annotation, by defining a frame on the interesting portion, and entering the text in the pop up.
Plus, you'll use the tiling service, that allows you to display a very big image on your web browser without having to scroll. If you have picture that is 4500*3000. What you see is a rendition adapted to the browser!

Of course you don't loose the good definition of this picture : When you zoom in, the browser displays the needed tiles of the picture, and the thumbnail on the bottom right shows your position in the whole picture.
That way you'll be able to annotate very precisely a detail of a picture, and when you set zoom to original, you can see all your annotations.

For any annotation type, on mouse over, a tool tip shows the text of the annotation, the author and date.
You can even create several image annotations on the same image portion, image overlapping is supported.

Last, if you just need to read the document, and you don't want to be distracted by all the highlighted text or images, you can hide the annotations : the left panel will still display the listing, but the annotations will be hidden from the document.

Disclaimer: This service supports Firefox 2+ already and very soon Internet Explorer 6+ (still need some tricks for IE :-)

Hope you'll like it. Don't hesitate to give us some feedback about this great new service. I can't wait to demo the next step: time-based video annotations (point in time and and time range annotations)!

Be back soon,