This year at the beginning of August 2016, Nuxeo participated in the 2016 DoDIIS convention, showcasing our Content Services Platform to the U.S. Intelligence Community and thousands of participants. As our expansion and company growth continues, we are seeing great traction in the Federal IT modernization space due to our impressive content management system architecture, supporting the changing and modern needs of large enterprises.

Intelligence Community

Considering that the goal of Intelligence is to make sense of information and reach informed, timely and actionable conclusions, IT systems need to have supporting capabilities.
Gathering capability of information evolves and improves. Ever increasing volumes of content are stored and analyzed. This content must be processed and distributed effectively, delivered appropriately, secured properly and searched quickly and purposely. Speed matters and efficiency is integral to effectively acting on conclusions and information. The sources of content is also more diverse and agencies need to share effectively, regardless of their different processes and data structures.

We witnessed an increasing importance placed on Open Standards and interoperability of systems. To facilitate efficient sharing of information between various agencies, having different processes and storage structures for content, they are looking to move away from narrow focused and numerous applications, to systems that can achieve and integrate a wider range of purposes and content types. While this can be achieved by interfacing different systems through transformations of data, this introduces additional performance overhead lowering efficiency and increased administration and maintenance costs.

Nuxeo Leads

The strong interest in the Nuxeo Platform is based on our support in addressing these concerns. In terms of content itself, our capability is centered around handing complexity, diversity, volume, and security.


The Nuxeo Platform is not binary file centric, but rather, a Document is modeled on a business entity. A Case, or Record, or Person, is not a flat object, but a complex entity, which can have multiple schemas and fields, extended types, nested folders of other content, images, documents, notes, etc.. Nuxeo models your business process, not the other way around. This ties into performance because efficiently managing this information allows for linear scaling through clustering.


The Nuxeo Platform handles all kind of content, and from different sources. Everything from multimedia to office documents can be contained as Documents, with their own workflows, life cycles, permissions and UI. The other important aspect is variety of sources and distribution channels. An enterprise platform needs to connect different groups efficiently, and the Nuxeo Platform does that well. Storage can be any hybrid of locations, from local to external, SQL or NoSQL, Cloud or On-Premise. Again, it’s all about modeling business needs, not the other way around.


Nuxeo benchmarks speak for themselves. The Nuxeo Platform which has been shown to handle over a Billion documents, rates currently at 30,000 doc/sec, and over 6000 req/sec.. Scalability is not monolithic but modular and independent, based on usage profile. Clusters of ElasticSearch query engines scale searching, Nuxeo servers for concurrent users or background processes and different SQL or MongoDB systems for content volume.


Of course security is of prime importance and the Nuxeo Platform can plug into any authentication method by extensions. Permissions are Document level, so they are as secure as your database system, and any custom security conditions can be applied at a very low, policy level because of the extensibility.

As we witness evolution of IT at government level, Nuxeo promises to be a key player in this space as we’ve been seeing lately.