If you are one of the many MongoDB users in Europe, you might know that we will be at their annual MongoDB Europe conference in London, UK, on November 8th.

Many MongoDB users are currently looking at how they can use it as a foundation to deploy ECM applications. Every day we talk to people like you, companies with thousands, millions, even billions, of documents and digital assets, of all sizes and formats - and content that is frequently changing on a daily basis. All of these businesses are facing similar content or data-related challenges: content stored in multiple, often legacy, silos; duplicate content with little version control; and content with little, if any, meta-tagging or classification associated with it. Managing content effectively can enable a business to stay one step ahead of their competition - but it requires significant technical competence, and processing capability, to do properly.

When we chose to integrate MongoDB a few years back, we knew that performance would dramatically improve for our customers dealing with the challenges of managing large quantities of digital content. We wanted to help our customers step up their game, by simplifying architecture deployments and allowing enterprise level scalability. MongoDB & Nuxeo now provide the industry’s most modern and scalable foundation for delivering high volume, mission critical, Enterprise Content Management system applications.

The best part of it? Nuxeo is the only one to do it. That’s right, we created the first and only native persistence engine for MongoDB in the Content Services market, capable of managing high volumes of complex data at unmatched speeds.

That capability provides organisations with the raw power to be able to perform all of the content-specific processing functions they require on a day to day basis. No longer does content synchronisation have to be done as a batch process, or migration between systems take days and weeks to perform. We’re proud of these performances levels, which are backed up by our 1 billion document benchmark results, and continue to raise the bar every day to ensure our customers’ ECM needs are met and exceeded, today and into the future.

As the biggest sponsor of MongoDB Europe 2017, we will demonstrate how Nuxeo can help organisations with their ECM applications, by leveraging the benefits of MongoDB. We will share experiences from companies such as Electronic Arts, Verizon or Solocal who have decided to combine the power of Nuxeo with MongoDB. So join us - register now and come say hi at our booth.

Still not convinced?

  • Join Grant Spradlin & Dan Wingrove on Wednesday at 10.20 AM for a 40-min presentation. They will explain how to deliver rich content applications at scale with MongoDB Atlas in a live demo!
  • We’re proud to say that MongoDB has awarded Nuxeo with the 2017 MongoDB Innovation Award in the Enterprise Startup category - come and find out why.

We hope to see you there next week and if you cannot attend, don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter _ #NuxeoLove #MDBE17_