Today is Bug Day!

Our next bug day is coming up next Monday, March 18. If you want to contribute, there are many ways to do so!
For instance, if you have found a bug, and did not find a Jira ticket mentioning it, feel free to open one. The bugs related to Nuxeo Platform are to be filed under NXP, and the bugs related to Nuxeo Studio, NXS. All of the bugs we'll be working on are tagged with 'bugday'.

The tickets that we want to include in the bugday backlog must be:

  • Bugs (obviously)
  • Quite short to fix (3 hours estimate max)
  • User-visible

Now, if you're a developer and you want to help, this is a nice opportunity to give back to the Nuxeo community. You can take tickets tagged with 'bugday' and then submit the fix using GitHub's pull request. If you're experiencing difficulties while fixing bugs, you can ping us on our IRC channel (#nuxeo on Freenode). You can also join us on our Google plus community website :)

And, if you are in Paris, you can join us at the office and enjoy a post bug day beer :D