Thanks to lots of progress in Apache Chemistry, to which Nuxeo is contributing, and through updated Nuxeo Chemistry bindings, the support for CMIS in Nuxeo is getting quite good.

For more practical info on using CMIS in Nuxeo, including download links, see

Note that our demo server at has been updated as well.

Below are most of the new features available since the last release.

Better search

Fulltext search with CONTAINS() has been implemented so that you can do queries like:

SELECT cmis:name FROM cmis:document WHERE CONTAINS('foobar')

(The full scope of the fulltext search syntax, with ORing of words and negation, is not there yet.)

You can now also use the IN_TREE() and IN_FOLDER() predicates.

The SQL keywords are now case-insensitive as the spec requires, and complex boolean functions have been fixed.


A number of fundamental features form the CMIS domain model are now complete: object move, folder tree, folder descendants, delete, delete descendants.


Other fixes have been done: the types are served according to the latest 1.0CD06 draft, a number of fixes to make more CMIS clients happy have been included.

CMIS Shell

Finally, keep in mind that there is now an easy way to test a CMIS repository using a command line client.