There is some wicked awesome stuff being developed by the members of the Nuxeo Community, and I need to share this with all of you!


Our friends from Open Wide have been doing several projects with Nuxeo Platform so far, and they have extracted some useful and interesting pieces of code from this. The result is openwide-nuxeo-commons. It's already tagged for 5.7.1 so I invite you to test this along with the new release :) Here's a small overview of its content taken from the project's ReadMe.


  • openwide-nuxeo-constants: Various constants exposed on Java classes, mainly to ease the manipulation of documents.

  • openwide-nuxeo-tests-helper: Thin helper to set up tests.

  • openwide-nuxeo-utils: Miscellaneous utility methods, plus an extension point to display your project version.


  • openwide-nuxeo-property-sync: Synchronizes properties from documents to their children.

  • openwide-nuxeo-avatar-importer: Watches a given folder to import its contents as avatars.

  • openwide-nuxeo-ecm-types-ordering: Customizes the appearance of the doctype selection pop-up.

  • openwide-nuxeo-document-creation-script: An alternative to the Content Template service.

  • openwide-nuxeo-generic-properties: Generic extension point to store simple data.


  • How To Create a faceted search form

Kudos to Open Wide for releasing this in LGPL :)


Nelson Silva just started a Dart + Content Automation sample. The Dart web app connects to a Nuxeo server and fetches the list of operations available. It's a work in progress, but it gives a very good idea of what you can do with Content Automation coupled with any web technology.


Nelson works at InEvo, where they do different projects based on the Nuxeo Platform. One of the modules they have developed can be used to retrieve user profile information from several social sites using the OAuth2 API. Right now only Linkedin has been implemented, but they plan to integrate Facebook and Google+. One of the goals of this module is of course to let people register to a Nuxeo Instance automatically using their social accounts.