Hello Nuxeo Online Services users!

I’m proud to tell you that today will have a taste of Christmas for you. Did you enjoy the first interface redesign? Well, as promised, you now have a holy dashboard.

With boxes, shortcuts and more.

What’s in it to make your project management easier? Here's a description of the boxes:

  • My applications: The list of your applications, with quick access to your linked Studio project.

  • My tasks: Did we answer your question? See what tasks still remain before closing it.

  • Latest addons on Nuxeo Marketplace: See if one of our newest packages can enrich your application.

  • Latest maintenance fix: We published a new fix? Verify if you already have it.

  • Latest support cases: An easy way to quickly find your latest cases.

But pictures are always more powerful than words.

My Application Box.



My Tasks Box. The box disappears when your tasks are completed.



We may sometimes have something to tell you -- this will be in the dashboard too. If you need to tell us something, click on the Contact us menu to send us your thoughts.



And since December is way too far to wait for another present, we added another great tool.

In the My Support Cases menu, which lists the cases you create, we added the possibility to create a case directly from Nuxeo Online Services.

Click on the Submit an issue button and create it:


I think it's time to dive in to your new Nuxeo Online Services Dashboard. Tell us what you think about it, and help us make this tool work better for you.

Project management is already full of challenges. We are here to make your application management and your teamwork easier.

There was nice teamwork on our side too. I'd like to thank Thierry Martins, also known as Santa Claus, for his contributions to this dashboard.

-- @lkemen, the flying reindeer