I did a presentation in february about CMIS, a ten thousand feet overview on a morning event in Paris. I explained there why this standard is necessary now, what it is about, and why we think at Nuxeo it is a great opportunity for our customers and our partners. Slides can be accessed here.

The event was about Ez-Publish - Nuxeo integration through a CMIS connector. This integration makes really sense as it allows contributors to easily insert inside an EZ-Publish articles links to documents stored in the collaborative repository (Nuxeo DM). The main interest being that the document doesn't go outside of the repository : no copy, the document IS always up-to-date, and we are sure that only people that has been considered as allowed to read it will access it. A video of the integration can be viewed on our partner's website NXC, who develops and maintains the EZ-CMIS plugin. They are now working on integrating Nuxeo DAM in the same way, to be able to insert pictures stored in Nuxeo DAM in the middle of your article.

Title of my presentation was "CMIS : Overview of a Rapidly Evolving ECM Standard ". Just since that presentation, I could see two new integrations  :

  • Drupal (another CMS ), same kind of integration as with EZ, even deeper as it is possible to create content from Drupal into Nuxeo (interest : if you have a to write an article with an attachment, you capitalize the content as the same time as you publish it in your WCM tool).

  • Bonita a user-friendly workflow engine. You can watch the video here. Basically, you see how easy it is to configure a workflow with various steps and actions in Nuxeo repository among connection to other sytems during the process designed with Bonita

I also saw the apparition of a lower level php lib for CMIS, and there is the contribution to Apache Chemistry of a python library by Jeff Potts. Let 's stay tune there should be many good suprises in the coming months !