We just announced the release of Nuxeo DAM 1.1, with some compelling new features such as video storyboarding, video streaming, bulk import and edit, and repository sharing with Nuxeo DM.

This new version also offers some improvements to the some of the application configuration components.

New configuration system (from Nuxeo DM 5.3.2)

A limitation of the configuration system in Nuxeo 5.3.1 and prior versions was
that each platform upgrade needed the system administrator to reconfigure the
data sources and other system-level configuration files.

We have listened to our own sys admin (who was complaining about that when
upgrading Nuxeo Cloud instances) and have changed the way configuration resources are handled.

Basically, the software packages (EAR or WAR for DM, DAM, CMF ...)
don't include anymore resources for system level configuration.

These configuration files are now handled by a template system that:

  • allows you to easily change configuration (for example change the
    storage configuration from a given database brand to another one);

  • allows for easy upgrades (since the new EAR or WAR won't overwrite
    your custom config).

One of the direct advantages of this new system is that you can now very easily switch from the default embedded storage to a production-ready storage (for instance, PostgreSQL or Oracle).

You can find a detailed description of the new configuration system here.

Upgrade Notes


The packaging system is basically the same as the one used in Nuxeo DAM 1.0.

The only change that may have an impact involves resources that are now managed by
the new template system.

This means that resources are no longer embedded inside the EAR but
handled in a separated templates directory.

This makes changing configurations easier (like switching from H2 to
PostgreSQL) and will also allow for upgrades without having to redo all
custom system configurations.

The packaging system is the same for Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo DM, you can refer to the documentation on Nuxeo DM:

You can also refer to DAM Installation Guide.

OpenOffice Configuration

We have changed the way Nuxeo starts OpenOffice.

This is an intermediate solution before we upgrade to JODConverter 3.

The new OOolauncher (that replaces OOodeamon) should:

  • be more stable.

  • be easier to set up (removed the dependencies on JNI UNO libs).

To find out more ....

For the JIRA Release Notes, see Nuxeo DAM 1.1 JIRA Change Logs.

For more information about Nuxeo DAM 1.1:

We hope you'll enjoy the release and look forward to your feedback on Nuxeo DAM's discussion forum!

The Nuxeo DAM team.