This new version of our digital asset management solution represents an important milestone, because it is aligned with the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform version 5.4. Built with the modular, extensible Nuxeo EP technology, Nuxeo DAM offers a full-featured, flexible, and CMIS-enabled application for managing rich media content.

In practical terms, this means that the 1.2 version of Nuxeo DAM now has the Admin Center, a one-stop shop for in-application administrative services, such as server and application usage summary information, and access to upgrades, patches, and Nuxeo Marketplace packages. Addons and upgrades to Nuxeo DAM can now be installed with a few clicks, from within the application, and often without requiring a restart. We want to take the pain out of content application development, and focus on the productive part.

Nuxeo DAM 1.2 and Nuxeo DM

We've also created a new Nuxeo Marketplace package called the Nuxeo DAM PDF Export to enable the export of a selected list of images into a single PDF file.

In addition, this new version of Nuxeo DAM benefits from improved CMIS 1.0 support, with the integration of Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS in the underlying Nuxeo Enterprise Platform technology. There are some compelling use cases of Nuxeo DAM integrations via CMIS - think WCM and workflow - and we think our clients will continue to bring integration requirements to the table.

Here's what you need to get started with the new version:

As always, DAM puns are welcome :) From my snow-laden corner of Massachusetts, all talk is about ice DAMs.

-- @JaneZupan