Yes... we at Nuxeo see the future as DAM Cloudy. But that's a good thing... 

Along with the release of Nuxeo DAM 1.1, we've also expanded our digital asset management offering to include a SaaS version - what we've called Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition.

Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition uses the same backend trusted cloud services as Nuxeo DM - Cloud Edition, Amazon AWS.  We're offering digital asset management in a SaaS delivery model to better serve the needs of small/medium business who have the same DAM requirements as large enterprise, but with a smaller budget and fewer in-house IT resources.  It is a clearly-priced user and volume based subscription that can scale easily and economically as usage expands.  

Rich media - video, digital photos, graphic files, logos, audio clips are often costly to produce, have a big storage footprint, and takes time to get right.  Collaborating with clients, suppliers and a distributed team is essential for small and medium-sized business just like large enterprise. Traditional DAM products start in the 6-figure price range... not an investment that a small or growing company can easily make. Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition provides a competitive and feature-comparable alternative.

Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition is ideally suited for organizations of any size who want an easy-to-use rich media collaboration environment to share work-in-progress and approved assets with external agencies, partners, clients or any trusted organization in their supply chain.  Rapid, secure, easily tagged/categorized video, digital photo or image/graphic content can be shared for joint projects not only for marketing purposes but research projects, evidence review, or institutional memory preservation.

Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition is based on the newly released Nuxeo DAM 1.1 product, and includes all of the cool new enhancements we've done for video management, storyboarding, and batch tagging/import. A quick overview of the new features are shown in this screencast:

The Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition is available now. Curious? A test drive site is available here: Try it!  And of course we're always happy to respond to questions, just Contact Us.