A very busy week of for our development, marketing and web teams here at Nuxeo. First we announced Nuxeo Studio as part of our enhanced Nuxeo Online Services offering and today the 1.0 release of Nuxeo DAM. Nuxeo DAM was opened to a public beta back in December 2009, as part of our participation at the Gilbane Boston Conference. We’ve had tremendous reaction to this offering - hundreds of downloads in just 2 months, and we were thrilled to have early adopters work with us on critical features and fixes they needed to move ahead with our General Availability release.

So why is Digital Asset Management a focus for Nuxeo?

First, our current customers asked us to. Our user community has very strong representation from vertical sectors that are very media intensive: press agencies, educational institutions, military and defense, consumer goods and retailers - all heavy-duty users of large format, interactive content that contributes to an audio and visual experience. Content has moved far beyond plain text.

Second, we see new markets and use cases as we grow as an ECM company. The rise of the web means that new and small companies can compete globally with big incumbents. Compelling content - in picture, video, audio, image formats - helps tell a story and paint a picture. Nuxeo DAM offers a feature-rich digital asset management application that is very approachable and cost-effective for companies that need to get started quickly, and can’t wait for the costly extended sales cycle of a legacy Digital Asset Management system. Our open source approach helps keep a level playing field.

Third, Nuxeo DAM is yet another proof point of the power of our underlying Enterprise Content Management system foundation offering - Nuxeo Content Services Platform (CSP). Nuxeo EP is the Java-based extensible ECM platform that serves as the common content management system architecture for Nuxeo DAM as well as Nuxeo DM. It’s the platform many of our customers use to build some extraordinarily creative content applications to meet some pretty unique business and IT requirements. Because Nuxeo DAM is built on Nuxeo EP, it means that our ongoing enhancements in EP trickle up into the packaged applications. This is why we can be the first CMIS enabled DAM in the market. And as we meet our Records Management, Nuxeo Studio and other roadmap milestones, it means Nuxeo DAM will quickly benefit.

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Over the next few weeks, we will be ready to showcase the power of CMIS - working actively with some other CMIS-enabled products to show the speed to integration. Watch this space.