The Nuxeo R&D team has just given us a new version of Nuxeo DM (open source document management) / Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP). This latest minor release offers a couple of new features and a host of improvements. Full details are in the Release Notes blog post, but I’d like to highlight a few features and improvements here.

Installation Wizard

Nuxeo DM now launches a 5-step installation wizard on the first access to the application. Why? Because our downloaders were running into issues that required turning to the documentation, and spending a bit more time on application set up than necessary when they needed something other than the default settings of the system. We listened to them, and we built a wizard to make the installation process faster, easier, more intuitive.

The installation wizard walks the new installer through the basic steps to configure the Nuxeo DM server. Along the way, some of the newbie questions are answered, such as "What databases can Nuxeo DM connect to?" "How do I configure an HTTP proxy or an SMTP server?"

Oh, and by the way - the wizard offers an instant sign up to a 30-day trial of Nuxeo Online Services, with access to Nuxeo Studio, a configuration and customization environment.

Embedded Shell

The Nuxeo launcher is now written in Java, which means there is uniform bootstrap code for all target platforms. This also means that we could develop a controller GUI for all target platforms. For those who have ever had trouble searching for log files, or shied away from command line, this is for you.
Control Panel

Nuxeo Studio Hot Reload

Nuxeo released an innovative Admin Center with the last major version in November. Why innovative? Because the customization packages designed with Nuxeo Studio can be ported directly into Nuxeo DM via a connection with the embedded Admin Center. Configure, visualize, customize, visualize. No more file download, install, stop the application, restart the application -- and did I forget a step? Our clients love this because it makes their jobs easier. A few hiccups and enhancement possibilities were reported, and we have addressed them in this latest release.

Next Steps

Here are a few reference points for digging deeper into Nuxeo DM and version 5.4.1.

We {heart} feedback. Let us know what you think about Nuxeo DM, Nuxeo Studio - the latest version, or just in general.

-- @JaneZupan