Here's a sneak peek of my favorite new feature for Nuxeo Platform 5.6: Nuxeo Drive! It's a desktop synchronization client for Nuxeo. It will be available natively on MacOS, Windows and Linux. You can take a look at our Roadmap if you want more details. We've already started working on this project and have an early working version which we used for the following screencast:

How does it work? It's a Python daemon that looks for changes in the local file system in a specific folder and on a remote workspace on the Nuxeo server using the Content Automation HTTP API. It then propagates those changes one way of the other. Using content automation means this client will be really easy to extend :-)

Nuxeo Drive will be available in early October. We will showcase it in theMobility and Desktop Synchronization Webinar Wednesday, September 5th - 2:00pm EDT.